The Danger Behind Neglect Of The Youth

By Japhet Omene

Today in the global community, there are series of violent acts being orchestrated by majority of the youths not because anyone chose to but due to the frustration, depression, economic hardship, bad Leadership, and poverty.

These negative conditions have triggered the involvement of so many youths in these nefarious activities. Other vices include terrorism, kidnapping, prostitution, cyber-crime, armed robbery, militanctancy which has caused the society so much setbacks.

My vice chancellor once said and I quote, 'to every action there is a reaction.' When leaders choose to neglect the growing youth, it is an action and in so many ways there are usually reactions that the youth most especially in Nigeria feel cheated by their leaders.

When you look around you would be shocked to see majority of our youth suffering and living in hardships. All these have the tendency to get involved in evil acts that are likely to affect everyone including innocent children and women.

We are in a society where everyone is to himself lawless, and injustice is at the apex of government. The government of the day must therefore take responsibility if the nations of the world want to see hope and a a better future.

These are known problems with known solutions at our disposal so why not solve the problems; a question I have always asked myself. For me, government can tackle the issues of terrorism effectively without much stress, if the leaders are sincere enough! Why don't we look for ways to empower the younger generation who can be brainwashed to pickup arms against the government at any point in time.

I told a friend of mine about the recent reports of agitations by our biafra brothers and sisters. As a matter of fact, many of them are youth; so my friend said and then asked me a question 'are their actions justifiable'?

I sighed a relief and replied ohh Yes! This is because many of them are feel cheated and are idle handed with no jobs.

They have Noting substantial keeping them busy if not who would have time to hit the streets and protest. Will you leave your bank work and then participate in the protest or the riots. They are youths who are fed up with high level unemployment and hardship facing them.

If governments will learn to carry the youth along in their governance, I bet you that over 90% of government's problems shall be solved. Indeed, it goes to butress my point that the youth must feel the impact of the present administration in Nigeria positively.

I want to use this medium to call on our amiable President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) to invest massively in the youth sector through youth empowerment projects.

Writer Omene Japhet, Member Organisation for Global Youth peace Empowerment and Development initiative aka GYPEI.

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