Who Is Professor Irene Osisioma...A‎ Fulbright Scholar With A Passion To Help Nigerian Youths Achieve Their ‎Educational And Career Aspirations

By Alex Reports

Professor Irene Osisioma is a Fulbright scholar at University of ‎Nigeria Nsukka. Her engagement with the US department of State through ‎the Fulbright scholar’s program was motivated by her strong passion ‎for education and a deep desire to give back to her country, Nigeria ‎through science education research and teaching and professional development to teachers.

Her Fulbright scholar’s program at UNN ‎includes working with faculty of education research groups as ‎professional learning communities, and teaching as well as serving as ‎mentor to students in the Masters in Science Education program at the

Faculty of Education. In addition to her Fulbright engagement at UNN, ‎she provides free professional development training to primary and ‎secondary school teachers at various schools including her state of ‎origin, Anambra.

She is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Learning Questa ‎Educational Services and an experienced educator who is passionate ‎about issues related to successful education generally and teaching ‎and learning in particular. Her experience as an educator span more ‎than 30 years working at all levels of education, including ‎elementary, secondary and higher education.

She is driven by a strong ‎passion for excellence and an unparalleled commitment to providing all

youths with the necessary knowledge and skills to become successful in ‎the 21st century world of today. She is a Professor of Teacher ‎Education at California State University Dominguez Hill, a visiting

Professor at the National Open University of Nigeria, a US Department ‎of State’s Carnegie African Diaspora Fellow, and a Fellow of Science

Teacher’s Association of Nigeria.
Professor Irene Osisioma is an outstanding educator, one who through ‎her contributions to education has distinguished herself in Nigeria

and abroad, especially in the United States of America. Her knowledge ‎and leadership skills have been pivotal in the counseling of students,

preparation of teachers, development and evaluation of curricula, and ‎the development and implementation of teacher education and

professional development programs for pre-school to university, ‎locally, nationally and internationally.

She has participated in ‎different global educational projects and initiatives among which is ‎her lead role in the UNESCO’s science education policy and systems ‎standards development for Tanzania, and her participation in IACIU ‎project for the promotion of indigenous culture. She has in addition ‎trained a wide range of educators in the USA and Africa and has been ‎instrumental in the development of a number of National Science ‎Education policies and their associated system standards.

She is a member of the Association for the Development of Education in ‎Africa (ADEA)’s Diaspora Task-force, and a member of the Board of Examiners (BOE) for the American National Council for the ‎Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), involved in the ‎accreditation of teacher education programs in the US.

She has been ‎invited to present at different local, national, and international conferences on topics ranging from pedagogy, science education, ‎professional development and issues related to science literacy. Her ‎publications and plethora of scholarly presentations at conferences ‎exemplify her continued contribution to the field of education.

Prof. Osisioma works in partnership with international educational ‎organizations to provide career and educational counseling services to Nigerian youths who are unemployed or who are currently unable to gain ‎admission into Nigerian Universities. Some of her international ‎partners are the US department of State, Navitas, Shorelight

Education, INTO Global, Study Group, Council for Foreign Education in ‎Russia and Universities in the USA. Prof. Osisioma\'s vision is to be ‎able reach and empower at least 1000 Nigerian youths with the right ‎kind of education and career to successfully navigate the current ‎competitive world by 2021.