My Husband Knows The Men Asking Me Out…Foluke Daramola

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

There are many broken homes in the society and looking at the Nigerian entertainment industry, it is not exempted as some of these entertainers have had a fair share of pains in marriages.

For some that have been able to manage through, they all have different stories to tell with some saying that they act beyond marriage as they see themselves as friends.

Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola, is not an exemption as she recently disclosed that she has been able to manage her home by sharing everything with her husband.

She stated that sometimes when she is at an event and men approach her to ask her out, she tells her husband who rather than get angry laughs over it and wish his wife will not be taken away from him.

“My husband can deal with a man toasting me; he will just smile because he trusts me. And I gist him a lot about who my toaster is and he will laugh over it and says he hopes somebody will not take away his wife. But it is just the fact that we are friends, we can share any and everything.

“Even if he admires a lady, he will tell me, 'Foluke that lady is cute, what do you think?' So, it is beyond marriage. Marriage is not supposed to be rigid; it is supposed to be a relaxed thing. That way, you will both enjoy it. My husband can be sweet and he can be firm,” she told New telegraph.