Osun 2018: Political Gladiators Should Excercise Caution, Too Early to Discuss Aregbe's Successor

Source: Hon. Rotimi Makinde
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Even as I recognize that we need to face our political future with courage, tact and wisdom in All Progressives Congress, it is still not enough reasons for some political gladiators to start discussing or jostling for who succeeds our amiable and visionary Governor, Rauf Aregbesola in 2018.

I see it as an affront. I must say this is the period to treat with contempt and disdain any politician who is seen to be overabmibtious at the expense of the state and the party. For desperate politicians at a time like this to start seeking power will stop at nothing to exploit people’s misfortune for their selfish political ambition. I found this most reprehensible and utterly irresponsible. This is the time for us to seperate the wheat from the chaff in our party and I think our leaders are taking note.

For every politician who truly have the interest of Osun State at heart I will expect them to concentrate on the broken economy of the country, which the corrupt and visionless PDP-led Federal Government put us to, which will take a lot of sacrifice and belt tightening to fix. Every citizen must be prepared to experience one form of austerity or the other in the mean time, if we are to expeditiously overcome the damage done by the PDP to the nation’s economy culture and orientation.

I make bold to say Governor Aregbesola is irrevocably committed to a development paradigm that has the capacity to lift State of Osun to compete favorably with any proud human habitation anywhere in sub-saharan Africa or even any part of the world.

I am a very reticent person and I dont talk balderdash, I only speak when there are imperical evidence to substantiate my claims. Having said that I appreciate the fact that the masses, who are the focus of Aregbesola's development strategies, identify the reasons behind his many efforts. For example, Aregbesola's ambitious urban renewal project which is aimed at transforming our state to the 21 century modern cities with life changing infrastructure can never be overemphasised.

Projects such as the Oranmiyan New Town, a Central Business District, organised transportation system aided by road networks for the purpose, a functional emergency response scheme in health, security and transportation sectors, modern recreation parks and gardens are all geared towards creating modern environments that our people can call their own.

These legacy projects have rightly put Ogbeni among the great achivers of our time with many indelible distinctions. Osun is truly blessed under his leadership. Discussing Aregbe's success is more honourable than disccusing his successor at a time like this.

Hon. Rotimi Makinde represented Ife Federal Constituency at the National Assembly in the 7th Assembly (2011-2015)