Things Will Get Better; This Rough Patch Will Pass

By Usman Mohammed
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There is no doubt that Nigeria is going through a

rough patch. With the challenges of massive
corruption, terrorism, struggling economy, weak
Naira to fuel scarcity, these are hard times.

These problems did not develop overnight. They
are here as a result of reckless leadership which
inflicted great damage on the economy. Our
economy were severely battered, butchered and
damaged over the years by incessant stealing,
corruption and mismanagement.
For example, a snippet into the arms deal probe,
now dubbed Dasukigate lays bare the assault on
the economy. We have seen the reports and
admissions of how monies were recklessly
removed from the Central Bank in a gangster
manner. We have seen the huge debts inherited
from past governments - whether it workers
wages or fuel subsidy payments owed to
marketers. Furthermore, falling oil prices are
there to add to the burden on our economy.
What I want Nigerians to know is that this
government is not folding its arms. We know
President Buhari and his hands on approach. He
is working tirelessly, re-engineering and laying
strong foundations - be it on anti graft, security
and the economy. He has also tasked his
Ministers who assumed office a little while ago
and they are working hard too. The problems
they met are huge. Everyone is working hard to
ensure that this rough patch eases away as soon
as possible.
I remember when the Conservative Party took
over a battered economy from Labour Party in
the UK. I remember the challenges, the several
adjustments by Sir Mervyn King, the then
Governor of the Bank of England to ease the
hardships on the British people. Our situation is
no different.
We are facing hardships - cash crunch,
challenges in fuel and power supply. These are
issues that are on the table of our government.
They are working to find lasting solutions to
these problems. They are laying foundations for
a better tomorrow. We have to bear with them. I
know we have been patient with fuel scarcity and escalation of foods

and other consumable and inconsumable products in
the past few months and I thank everyone for their
patience and support.
We are Nigerians, Nigeria is our country and we
have to dig deep in these challenging period. We
have to support government efforts especially
when there is the sincerity of purpose. Again,
there is the assurance that our meagre
resources are in safe hands and are being put to
judicious use. For the first time, there is probity

and accountability. The reckless assault on our
public funds, stealing and corruption are not
longer the order of the day.
From May 29, 2015 to date is approximately nine
months and nine months is not enough to remedy
the hydra headed problems the Buhari
administration inherited. This hard time would
pass and things will definitely get better. We will

have to cause to look back and smile.
Blessings, now and always.
Usman Mohammed.
Mass Communication
IBB University, Lapai-Niger State.

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