Commander And Discipline Master Of Vigilante Group Arrested In Connection To Gun Running In Adamawa

By Tom Garba, Yola

One of the commanders of Vigilante and hunters drafted in the fight against the Boko Haram insurgency popularly known as Mr Young Morris has been arrested in Adamawa state in relation to gun running.

Young Morris who is the operational commander and the state discipline master of the hunters and vigilante operatives in the state was arrested on Wednesday by an undercover operation superintended by the foremost Nigerian crime fighter Ali Kwara.

Ali Kwara while speaking to journalists in Yola on the arrest said that the arrest was the outcome of an audacious undercover operation spanning many weeks .Noting that the operation was initially set up to arrest a notorious lady gunrunner who was operating in Taraba state.

He said that in the build up to the operation, the undercover agent he assigned for the job had established contact with the lady gunrunner but unfortunately could not meet her on the appointed day as she told him that her local government was embroiled in crisis following the verdict of Taraba state election Tribunal which returned Jummai Alhassan as the winner of the gubernatorial election.

Kwara, the lady then told the undercover agent that she has two contacts in Adamawa, one residing in Yola and the other residing in Ganye and ask him to contact any of them.

"When my agent contacted the man in Ganye Local Government of Adamawa state he told him that he has run out of ammunitions and should contact another man in Numan who incidentally happens to be Young Morris

"My undercover agent then arranged the transaction with Morris with the knowledge of the police where Morris sold 140 pieces of cartridges at the cost of N70,000 to the undercover agent"Kwara said.

He noted that even at that young Morris breached the contract as he said the consignment was allegedly short by one package which necessitated another meeting where Morris was to supply the remaining consignment premising the arrest of Morris by the police.

Confirming the incident, Young Morris who at the time of his arrest was found with one AK 47 as well as a locally made hand gun said he was pushed by poverty to engage in the illicit act because Governor Jibrilla Bindow has not been paying them anything for the past eight months he came to power.

" I was actually pushed by lack to sell the ammunition in order to buy tyres for my operational vehicle.

"Since this administration came into being, we were never given a dime by the incumbent government contrary to what obtains during the administration of Bala Ngillari were each one of us get N42,000 stipend after every two weeks.

"I know my actions are unjustified and uncalled for as they are against the laws of the country," he said.

Kwara later handed over Morris to Adamawa state police command for further investigation.