Mrs. Obiano Drums Support For Umeh's Senatorial Bid In Amawbia

By Emeka Ozumba

Wife of the Anambra State Governor, Chief Mrs. Ebelechukwu Obiano has called on indigens and residents of Amawbia town especially the women to turn out en mass during the Anambra Central Senatorial election and cast their votes for the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) candidate for Anambra Central, Chief Sir Victor Umeh.

The wife of the governor made the plea Tuesday at the APGA Campaign Rally held at Eziokpala-Igwe Square Amawbia, Anambra State.

Chief Mrs. Obiano said that she insisted on coming to the Rally to join ndi Amawbia whom she described as "our good landlords who are supporting APGA and our governor to spread the message of peace and progress for all."

Extolling the virtues and qualities of the former APGA National Chairman and Senatorial Candidate, Chief Mrs. Obiano, stated:‎ " We need courageous people like Sir Victor Umeh ‎who will stand firm and speak for our people. As women we have a duty to ensure that he is elected and the best way to achieve that is to cast our vote and protect it to ensure it counts."

She noted that by the grace of God who made possible the good works of governor Willie Obiano which is acknowledged by ndi Anambra and indeed the rest of Nigeria, all are agreed that APGA has come to stay and is waxing strong. Thus Mrs. Obiano surmised in "APGA we have nothing to fear nor do we owe anyone apologies. Only God dictates our path which is service to our people."

‎In his own remarks, National Chairman of APGA, Chief Sir Victor Oye,‎ said that APGA is already ordained for greatness and charged the party faithful to stand firm and work hard for the progress of the party at both state and national levels.

Chief Oye, said that Chief Victor Umeh would be a worthy Ambassador in the Senate and should be supported by everyone. He also charged the people to pray to God to protect and guide Chief ‎Umeh and governor Obiano in their endeavours.

Speaking on his mission to the Senate, Chief Victor Umeh, told the crowd to rest assured of his convictions and ability to deliver and protect the interest of Anambra Central and Igbos at the national level. He concurred that APGA would continue to wax and grow stronger. According to Chief Umeh, “noattempt to scuttle the APGA movement will work. We stand with and work for the poeple."

Chief Umeh thanked the wife of the governor for coming to boost the Rally, and requested that she convey the people's gratitude to Governor Obiano. As he put it: "It is because of the good work he is doing that the opposition are fretting and looking for whom to blame or where to stall the progress of Anambra. I want to assure you that APGA will prevail by the grace of God.‎"