Ogoni Open Truth Commission, OOTC.

Source: ogeco.ocia

A statement said in response to public outcry, consequent upon incidents of shootings leading to loss of lives and destruction of property in Yeghe, Bori, and other locations in Ogoniland during the month of February 2006, the Ogoni people and the world want to know the whole truth.

At the end of the Ogoni Peace Conference in Bori on Sunday, 28th of February, 2016 convened to review the recent shooting incidents, the Ogoni conferees established a fact-finding commission, styled – Ogoni Open Truth Commission, OOTC.

The Conference imposed a blanket ban on any further military operations or search in the affected areas.

It further resolved that ex-militant Solomon Ndigbara should be free to enjoy the Amnesty granted him by the national authorities, and to appear before the Commission. The Conference said after the Commission has issued its recommendations, the Police could follow due process of law to open the case if there is credible evidence of violations by him.

Inaugurating the body, the Conference convener, who is also president of the Ogoni Central Indigenous Authority, Dr. Goodluck Diigbo said to achieve its primary objectives, particularly, peace and security in Ogoniland, members of the Commission need to keep an open mind.

“The Commission is to get the pubic well informed on the death and destruction. We, as a people, also want to at least, look ahead to see the foreseeable future, but, we need accurate information about the current dangerous dangerous situation,” Diigbo said.

After the business session, he made a presentation on how the Commission will function titled: “NO MORE RULE BY WAR,” in which he outlined the process, objectives and expectations of the Commission.


  1. To promote peace and security in Ogoniland.

  2. To provide truth sourced and recorded from public sources, including by individuals and electronic recordings; voluntarily provided as evidential facts or information on incidents of conflicts, shootings leading to loss of lives and destruction in Yeghe, Bori and other locations in Ogoni recently, specifically referring to the incidents in February of 2016.

  3. Gathering of all facts or information worthy of consideration in deliberations in our effort to bring about peace, security, conflict resolution and reconciliation.

This Commission represents:

  1. A place where any further development arising from recent violent incidents can be reported for action or presented within the duration stipulated for the Commission.

  2. A boost to public space.

  3. A measure to recognize the role of the citizens to speak out, and demand due process, peaceful means of resolving conflicts, or investigation into crimes in order to promote the rule of law, instead of a rule by war.

  4. A call for civilized reconciliation process.

  5. A rationale to deepen respect for the sanctity of life, right to property, culture and traditions, and other human rights.

  6. An urgent call for an end to activities that directly or remotely contributed to the incidents which necessitated this Commission – specifically, military operations in Yeghe and the search for an ex-militant, Mr. Solomon Ndigbara, who was granted by the national authorities.

  7. An urgent call for nonviolent partisan activities. This is to avoid an organized Ogoni official boycott of future partisan related events or activities, including election, but not restricted to elections.

  8. An appeal for peaceful co-existence in Ogoniland.

  9. Other responsible conduct.

Membership of the Commission comprises representatives drawn from Ogoni Central Indigenous Authority, Ogoni Civil Society Commission, Council of Ogoni of Churches, Ogoni Farmers’ Council, Traders’ Union, Transport Union, Civil Service Union, Teachers’ Union, Ogoni Civil Security Organization, Council of Ogoni Traditional Rulers Association, Ogoni National Legislative Assembly, Ogoni Customary Court System, Ogoni Indigenous Youth Leadership Council, and a law firm retained for legal advisory services.