Open Letter To JED Over Its Recent Performance In Makurdi, Benue State

Source: Ejiga Godwin Jnr.

“Privatization” That was the word that rang bell in the ears of many Nigerians, We were informed that electricity distribution will no longer be handled by the PHCN but will be privatized and managed by Private firms.

At first many Nigerians were skeptical in embracing privatization of PHCN in Nigeria but we were later enlightened about it.

Privatization gave rise to companies which include.

1. Abuja Electricity Distribution Plc.
2. Benin Electricity Distribution Plc.
3. Eko Electricity Distribution Plc.
4. Enugu Electricity Distribution Plc.
5. Ibadan Electricity Distribution Plc.
6. Ikeja Electricity Distribution Plc.
7. Jos Electricity Distribution Plc.
8. Kaduna Electricity Distribution Plc.
9. Kano Electricity Distribution Plc.
10. Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Plc.
11. Yola Electricity Distribution Plc.
Of which we were informed that Jos Electricity Distribution Plc. (JED) will be the firm to handle electricity distribution around Middle belt region of which Benue State is included.

When JED first kicked off their mission in managing and distributing electricity we saw the yearning of JED staffs to work and satisfy the masses, we saw great men and women of JED eagerly willing to achieve their mission in generating abundant power supply in the Middle belt area.

JED were hard working right from the word Go, Many felt the impact of JED around its distributional region but for the past few months we have noticed a sudden decline in the operation of JED.

Initially If asked to rate JED’s performances, I will give them a 4.5 of 5 star rating but currently I won’t even give them a 1 star rating all because JED has declined from its performances.

NOTE: This Changes Noticed is in regards to JED’s performance in Makurdi Benue state therefore I can’t speak on their performances in other regions.

Like I earlier said the performance of JED ( both technical, maintenance, customer support had been pretty much good even up till these moment though there is a slight decline in their performances which I observed. A few of them which is very critical is what am going to discuss below.

Performances of JED Makurdi Benue state is location based.

Without any Epitome of fear I can categorically confirm and say this to the Management and staff of JED that their performances are location based.

What that means is that JED Makurdi supplies electricity to some areas while they abandon or deprive some other areas of standard electricity supply.

Of course if you live in Makurdi and you are very observant of what is going on around Makurdi City in terms of electricity distribution you will agree to what am saying. You will also agree to the fact that you can never compare the supply of electricity within some sub cities like North bank against High level, Wurukum against Judges Quarters, High Level against Old GRA etc.

Let me make it more practical.
You will also agree that even within sub Areas there is still that preferential treatment giving to people based on their location.

If you, live in North bank you will also agree to the fact that they is more Supply of electricity in some Areas compared to others, The supply in Federal Housing Estate is better compared to that of Mission World, supply in Hudco quarters is still better compared to Katungu.

Why all this JED Makurdi?
Initially things weren’t like this. There was an even distribution of electricity among towns and areas, Even though they was a preferential treatment it was minimal and negligible.

For the past few months it has become unbearable to us living in this neglected areas, I highlighted this observable fact about JED Makurdi for it to be checked and let JED reduce the preferential difference in the supply given to citizens based on their location.

Remember, we all pay the same bills
Remember, we are one Benue.
Remember, many people solely depends on Electricity for their businesses

Remember; if these people who depend solely on electricity for their daily work are deprived of electricity supply they may decide to start doing negative things to fend themselves.

Remember the cause and impact these negative things will cause to the society.

Just Remember.
Performances moves in Arithmetic progression while the bills moves in Geometric progression.

I have come to discover that the more we pay electricity bills the lesser we get, Also the more the bills increases in upcoming months the lesser supply we get compared to the pre-existing months.

When JED took over the electricity distribution we were paying just N1500 only for the first 8 month there about, the supply then was awesome and very cool. After the first few months the bills increased steadily while the supply steadily diminishes.

Oh Why! Oh Why!
I can authoritatively say that out of the 55days we have passed this year if we were to add up the number of hours we got supplied with electricity and sum it up to days it won’t be up to 10 days. Now you can imagine, in a total of 55days of this year we were supplied electricity for about only 10-day.

It pricks me hard anytime I think about this situation because electricity is needed for my businesses.

Also, in a recent chat with my barber Mr Emmanuel from North bank. I asked him “How are you coping with the current electricity situation here?

You could imagine his reply in Pidgin

“ Shey Na Nepa abi waitin them the call them. God go punish them. Na only money money them sabi collect. Common 2hours a day person no fit get light. since.. Even as I the talk we newa see light since last Friday.
Later.. If I increase my money for barbing Customers go complain tire and Na me go the Loose cos I de spend money for fuel”

He out poured his mind to me to show his emotions.
In another chat with a Dry cleaner at North bank Market.

After I gave him my clothes to press for me because I had no Power supply in my place“ Oga Why is it that there are stains on my clothes like this”
He said
“ A beg No vex Na Charcoal Iron I use we neva get light for long now, Nepa No de try for us here at all Na money money them d find”

I was inquisitive to know more about the money-money aspect he meant.

He explained further that When Nepa (JED) shares bills; the supply becomes steady for like 3days to the time they know they will be going out to collect bills/disconnection. After which they go from home to home forcing people to pay else they threaten them with a disconnection.

Once many people pay they go back to square one as usual depriving common men and business men from getting good electricity supply.

It’s quite painful how JED has decline in its performances overtime.

Poor Customer care support
“If one of JED staff loaded an airtime of N1000 & it was instantly deducted for no reason. Of course he will call MTN customer care support for free of charge & the issue will be fixed, But I can remember very well the last time my house had a very critical electrical problem which was meant to be fixed by JED staff alone. We went to JED’s office for over a week plus pleading with their maintenance staff to come and fix the issue for us.

They obviously promised but never came over, Our tenant on his own had to go there twice daily for up to two weeks disturbing their staff to come and fix the issue for us.

But they never came by up to two weeks, My Dad personally met the MD JED North bank Makurdi to complain and she sent some of the staff to our house while given them serious queries for the way they treated us.

Obviously they have a nice and hardworking MD but clueless technical staff, The staff who came did rubbish and never fixed the issue. He then started demanding N2500 from me for maintenance fee which ought to be free.

Of course I never answered them since they haven’t fixed the issue, The JED staff then promised to come back to help fix it. But they never came, We tried all effort to reach the staff but all effort was perverted.

The most painful part is that as a Social media expert I have tried reaching JED by social media or email but they aren’t available there. I even tried contacting them by the four phone numbers present behind our (Paper) bills but received no reply.

At this point I was very angry, even as a preacher of morality and law and order I must confess we had to call an electrician to help do the work of a JED staff and paid off.

The scenario above is to show you that JED’s customer care supports are no longer efficient at all and even very corrupt.

I just really lack words to relate this.
The people need not to be forced to pay bills if we received the kind of performances from JED in which we initially do.

In a nutshell I write this to call back JED to order and not to tarnish their works.

Above all I out poured the truth in the minds of the people of Makurdi especially Northbank where I live.

As a way of putting smiles to the faces of their consumers I outline few things JED must do

1) Evenly distribute electricity irrespective of one’s location.

2) Install people to monitor the excessive bills charged because it seems there is no proper measurement on bills distributed.

3) Improve their customer care support by having a valid and functioning email address, Facebook and Twitter pages and having valid phone numbers. With this they will be an improvement in their support.

Above all things I look forward to seeing the real JED we knew before.

My Name is Ejiga Godwin Jnr.
Ejiga Godwin Jnr writes in from Makurdi Benue State, He can be reached on

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