Of Nikola Tesla And Raji Fashola

The Story of the 20th century has been described as the story of Electricity and for this reason Nikola Tesla has been referred to as the Father of the 20th century.

Nikola Tesla was born June 28 1856 by the (old Style)Julian Calendar but July 10 1856 by the Gregorian Calendar.

Tesla was an inventor, Mathematician, Physicist, Mechanical Engineer and Electrical Engineer he is amongst other things famous for the development of the Alternating Current(AC) system of power supply. Of Tesla, Time Magazine captioned ”All the world”s his Power House”

Whereas Raji Fashola Nigeria”s Minister of Power Works and Housing was born June 28 1963.He was a member of the Action Congress(AC) now to become Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and merged into APC.

I like the fact that Nikola Tesla rhymes with Raji Fashola.

Interestingly also in the United States is Elon Musk a Canadian, -South African- American Physicist, Engineer and Business Magnate born on June 28 1971 . Musk is into the Production of Electric Cars with his Company TESLA Motors he also founded Solar City for the provision of Solar Power

For the fact that Nigeria is an Electricity hungry Country, I hope that she would be part of the events marking the 160th anniversary of the birth Nikola Tesla as a way of engaging the minds of Nigerians on the very important subject of Electricity.

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