MAPOLY MAN O WAR Sets To Recruits Officers, Announces Date

By Abiodun Oluwakayode
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OGUN, Nigeria- In a bid to keep building the man and the community, the Mobilisation Against Nurtured Operation War Against Rebel (MAN O WAR) MAPOLY command has map out its plan to recruits all intending officers, the 2days convention which has been schedule to hold on the 26th-27thof February 2016 at the Polytechnic training ground, Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta Ogun-State.

The two days convention will welcome all statesmen and IPs (Immediate Past) officers and also all staff advisers of the great club with a mindset of creating a memorable experience thereafter in the minds of all attendees, and a zeal to create a gallant mindset of reasoning and a real sense of belonging amongst the intending officers. MAN O WAR is an organization which encourages selfless services by young men and women to rebuild transform and create a change in the mindset of individuals.

During a chat with the Commander- in- chief, MAN O WAR, Pat. Peter Adeniyi, who urged all the intending officers to be determined and courageous to overcome all challenges that they will face as the exercise commences. “We are happy to set out our annual recruitment training and orientation exercise as our customary routine that we do to set the new intakes on a journey of becoming a gallant and reliable officer” he added.

Moshood Abiola Polytechnic formerly known as Ogun State Polytechnic was established in 1980 which has become a frontline tertiary institution in Ogun Over the years. MAPOLY is known for its research and practical contributions towards the technological development in Nigeria.

MAN O’WAR Nigeria is an association approved by Federal Government of Nigeria, which preaches Integrity, Diligence and Patriotism by Building the Man, and Community at large