4 Ways to Expand your Phone’s Storage Without Breaking the Bank

Source: Jovago.com

The memory size of any smartphone will determine the number of picture, videos, apps, music and documents that you can upload on that device. If you are already using an 8GB or 16GB, it may probably not be enough if you do a lot with it.

Although, some phone memories are not expandable, there are smart ways you can create additional space without needing to buy an external memory card. Jovago.com, Africa's No 1 hotel booking portal shows 4 smart ways to expand your phone’s storage beyond 16GB.

Clean your phone regularly
More memory space can be freed by cleaning your phone frequently. This is because there are some residual files that may still hang around after you uninstall an app and may be taking much-needed space. PhoneClean and DU speed boosters are reliable phone cleaners.

Plug in a flash drive
You can use a flash drive to expand the external memory of your phone. A number of companies now produce USB thumb drive for iPhones. A common USB thumb drive is the istick. It can be used to store and exchange files. Your flash drive has to go wherever you go with your phone.

Use a wireless hard drive
Getting rid of wires is probably the next phase of technology. So, if you are tired of wires, you can use a wireless hard drive to grow your phone memory. You simply use your phone WiFi to connect your hard drive. If you want, you can download the app that allows you sync your phone and hard drive.

Build your own cloud
Cloud networks like DropBox, Google Drive, and Onedrive can be used for your phone storage. With your own personal cloud, you can access your photos, music, videos and files from anywhere. This cloud networks can also serve as backup.