Top 5 Shopping Sins Bargain Hunters Must Avoid


Top 5 Shopping Sins Bargain Hunters Must Avoid

Shoppers are often at the mercy of some of these gigantic malls when it comes to getting the best bargain. These malls located in different parts of Lagos have become notorious for their non-negotiable stance with regards to pricing. They expect shoppers to simply walk in, pay the price on the price tag whether it was hiked or not and leave.

As a bargain hunter, there are certain sins that you must not commit if you actually looking for a good deal., Africa’s No 1 hotel booking roll out some of these lapses that bargain hunters must avoid.

Assume the price is non-negotiable
Many walk into large stores and assume that they do not need to negotiate as it may be embarrassing to haggle at a mall as if in a market. However, there are various ways to get a good bargain. You can buy in bulk and request for a discount. Alternatively, you can scavenge for an item that is slightly scratched or dented, then walk to the cashier and demand for a discount. Due to the dent, you may be given 10% to 15% discount .

Ignore social media
Quite a number of retailers are on social media because it is now one of the most effective ways to promote a business. In order to attract new customers and retain others, these malls regularly offer awesome discounts and coupons through their Twitter and Facebook posts. In addition, they usually run social media campaigns where you can get an all expenses paid shopping trip by taking part in the campaign. So, do not ignore social media.

Be an introvert in-store
You may be an introvert by nature but if you want an awesome bargain you must be the opposite – an extrovert. Chatting up the employees and other shoppers about a particular product and upcoming promotions can give you great insight on the item you want to buy. Besides getting a good bargain, you will also make an informed purchasing decision.

Shop on an empty stomach
This may be a funny lapse but shopping on an empty bowel can erode your chances of getting a bargain. This may happen to people that prefer last minute shopping or wake up and simply drive to the mall to buy some groceries. Rather than focus on shopping, you will practically concerned about satisfying your hunger pangs when you are meant to skirt for an incredible bargain. You will end up spending more money if you go an empty stomach. As a rule of thumb, always eat before shopping and continue your shopping later.

Leave your smartphone in the car
Your smartphone is a perfect tool to help make informed purchasing decisions. If you are unsatisfied with the price of a particular item, you can easily google it and in a few minutes, get the price. You may probably have to decide whether to buy from the mall or order online so always arm yourself with your phone when you are in a mall.