1st. APC Diaspora Mega Convention Official Uniform Arrived America


This is to confirm the official arrival of 150 pieces of APC convention uniforms, as youcan see, the uniform is creatively designed in red backgrounds with dotted oblong spots, crowned with arch smooth zig zap thread line from one edge to the another. Underneath the zig zag line are dotted oblong spots of blue and lemon colors.

The entire design also consists of All Progressives Congress (APC) logos, carefully top plated in green white and blue styles, in-between green and blue logo, in the white color portion is a tied brown broom at the bottom, spreading out the brooms bunch of tiny flexible sticks to the top of the logo. The green Nigeria Coat of Arm are also gently printed on the fabric.

The Guaranteed Veritable Wax uniform is very comfortable and suiting for use at all seasons. The knitting and texture are very smooth to skin, body and will match any complexion. Fabric comes in 6 yards at an affordable rate of $35 only, including shipping and handling. Members may deem it necessary to buy for friends, families and well-wishers.

According to the custodian of the uniforms, Diaspora Women Leader-Mesi Ada Usiade the 1st batch of the uniforms is sold out, she’s already placed another order through the Party National Women Leader-Dr. Ramatu Tijjani. The order is expected in by March 15th via the secretariat. Meanwhile, Ms. Mesi Ada Usiade strongly advised interested members and attendants to place order very early, as she’s vehemently out to meet diaspora needs. Orders are limitless, no preferences, its first come, first served.

Prof Isa Odidi suggested, with a concrete service level agreement and partnership with National Women Leader and the Party, future fabrics can reflect APC International logo, slogans and other features, specifically meant for diaspora to stand together as one strong force. Fabric sales can also be used in funds raising. He concluded, this colorful event, “1st APC Mega Convention and Investors, coming up in May 12th - 14th 2016 in Kansas City will be well attended because of the seriousness and commitment to the convention by the planning committee. Prof Odidi is the main convention sponsor.

It’s expected that all attendees will wear these uniforms at the gala night, apparently to portray the party’s image, make the place beautiful and attractive; while trying to unify diaspora entirely. Meanwhile, Kansas City will be witnessing live the Winning Party’s official convention attire.

Traditionally, a broom with bristles is made broom corn, its used to sweep and collect dirt. All Progressives Party (APC) hold brooms at campaigns, rallies depicting sweeping off competitors, thereby bringing about desired change, being witnessed today.

Francis John
International Coordinator
[email protected]