Being Good in Bed Can't Provide a Husband… Tope Oshoba

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Popular actress, Tope Oshoba, has taken her time to express her thoughts about what men truly needs from women.

The sort after actress, disclosed that in relationships, s3xual intercourse is not the ultimate.

She went on to say every single man looking forward in getting married, would love to have a woman who is humble and has the good qualities of a good wife, not just any woman who is able to please his s3xual urge.

While many are of the opinion that getting a man sexually interested is a key to been his wife, the actress has refute the possibilities to be a slim chance of twenty percent out of hundred.

“Many young girls think because they are sexually active, and experience, they will easily be married, when a man need to marry , he would not go for a woman who will satisfy his s3x drive, but a woman who has humility and ready to submit herself to him”. she wrote