A Societal Emancipation Agenda, Going Beyond Ethnic, Local Government Or Party Affiliation, Promoting Good Governance For The Interest Of Benue-South Senatorial Dist.

By Daniel Omaga
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The Okpokwu Youth Solidarity Movement for Good Governance (OYSMGG) after due deliberation and consultation with relevant stakeholders at an extra-ordinary session held on 18th February, 2016 in Okpoga, Okpokwu Local Government Area of Benue State hereby issues this communiqué on behalf of its members.

We consider this statement a summary of our beliefs and views towards Distinguished Senator (Dr.) David A. B.Mark, the Okpokpowulu ki’Idoma and the people of Benue-South Senatorial District. These views as expressed by us shall guide all our actions and inactions as a group as they relate to the forthcoming senatorial rerun election slated for 20th day of February, 2016.

As can be observed, the much talked about rerun election is fast approaching and as a group with sufficient interests in both the election and the Benue-South as an entity, we consider it an act of patriotism to state thus:

That beyond the ethnic, political divide and cross-carpeting of desperate political elders across Benue-South the youths and women have been identified as the determinant factors in any election and at such, we would not allow ourselves to be swayed and sacrificed on the altar of sentiments.

That as a group with entrenched commitment to good governance and credible leadership; we and indeed the entire Enone youth look forward to re-electing Distinguished Senator (Dr.) David A. B. Mark, the Okpokpowulu ki’Idoma to enable him complete his tenure in office. We appreciate his efforts towards giving the Idoma nation a facelift across Nigeria and beyond and developing our land hence our endorsement of his candidacy. The reason for our decision towards this end is not far-fetched because we are aware that the battle is a collective struggle for our identity pursuit against external detractors and oppressors who are poised to further relegate the Idoma nation to political oblivion hence our decision to support Senator Mark.

The emergence of Senator David A. B. Mark as the Idoma Political leader at the Federal level has done us well as a people. Never in the history of Idoma land and Benue State in general have we had a Senator who embarked on massive human development while rendering the dividends of democracy to his people. His commitment to our societal emancipation is commendable. This has yielded huge impacts in the areas of jobs creation, educational development, sports and social economic development of Benue South. As a Senate President from a minority ethnic group, he has shown passion for Nigeria and has left no one in doubt that indeed he is a stabilizer and a reformer.

That the recent spate of All Progressives Congress induced media attack on the Senator Mark’s personality have not blurred our objectivity as we are aware of the giant strides his representation at the senate has influenced for the people of Benue South over time with most of the politicians who have today sold their motherland for pots of porridge as direct beneficiaries.

That the Benue South Senatorial district has remained the most consistent political entity in Nigeria and has witnessed large scale development courtesy of Senator Mark. These projects include but are not limited to:

Facilitation of the employment of over 85 prominent Idoma sons and daughters into various political offices, agencies and parastatals at the federal level.

Construction of the Loko-Oweto bridge which when completed will reduce our journey time to the FCT by almost two (2) hours thus, creating an avenue for the socio-economic development of our land.

The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), Otukpo study centre; a multi-million naira edifice, fully equipped and donated to the Federal Government by Senator Mark to make university education accessible to his constituents.

Construction of the multi-billion naira power generation and transmission at Igbanonmaje, Asa and other numerous rural electrification projects across the senatorial district.

Multi-purpose dam at Otobi-Akpa and Akpegede
Construction of the ultra modern Jamb centre in otukpo

Permanent site, Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) North Central zone, Otukpo

Construction of Joy FM and NTA otukpo
Construction and turnaround maintenance of educational facilities at the FGC, Otobi-Akpa, ST. Edwards, Owukpa, Federal Science and Technical College Akpegede, GSS Odigo-Uwokwu, International Nursery and Pry. Sch., Otukpo, Divine Love Sec. Sch., Ochobo, LGEA Pry. Schools at Ochobo I, Ochobo II, Olemgbecho, Ipinu-Itogo, Akwunu-Agadagba, Usha-Agatu, Ohuma-Ito, MPS Igumale, Ukwonyo-Utonkon, Adum Aoona-Orokam, Okutungbe, Oju, Etenyi, Obachita-Ukpa, Abakpa-Onyagede, Inyuma-Oju, Adiko, Odesasa-Ugbokolo and others.

Provision of scholarship grants for about 11,000 indigent youths

Otukpo golf and country club, annual Mark D’ Ball basketball tournament, Mark D’Ball Children clinic and Apa United football club

Provision of schools and rural water projects in Igumale, Anyibiga Irabi-Obi, Ipolo-Ugboju, College of Education Oju, Ibilla-Oju, Ogi-Utonkon, Egba, Ohuma, Ijanke, Ojapo, Akwuneje.

Primary Health Centres in Egba-Agatu and Otukpo, Egba

Women and youth development centres in Uwokwu, Ugbokolo, Otada-Otukpo, Ohuma-Ito, Obagaji-Agatu

Construction of roads at Idabi-Oglewu, Egba, Ulayi-Ijigban, Ugbokpo-Ojantele Ikobi, Ochobo-Agadagba, Adoka-Umogidi, Oju-Ebenta-Uwokwu, Ogoli-Ipolo, Ogobia-Ugboju, Oju-Ujume-Edumoga-Ohuma and the Otukpo-Enugu highway.

Humanitarian services and other philanthropic gestures.

That some minority ethnic groups across the country have realized that they exist in similar circumstances. Consequently, we the Okpokwu youths decided to close ranks and offer undivided support to Senator (Dr.) David A. B. Mark being a man of impeccable character and unrivalled records of achievements in Nigeria. We therefore pass a vote of confidence on him for identifying our place as a marginalized minority at the state level who is in dire need of self determination, thus, we pledge our commitment to the re-election of our dear Senator Mark.

On a note of finality, we assure the entire people of Benue-south that we will work assiduously at all times to contribute our quota to the unity and progress of our immediate constituency and Nigeria at large as a means of leaving our foot prints on the sand of time.

Thank you
Comr. Omaga E. Daniel Adejoh Johnson
Chairman Secretary