Let's Work On Our Differences—COMOG General Secretary

By Centre For Creative Leadership Africa

Ghanaian Muslims were called upon to work together notwithstanding their sectarian differences and political, ideological difference, “we must work to alleviate our people from ignorant, diseases, poverty and underdevelopment “. Haj. Abdel –Manan said.

He was Speaking at the unity celebration week under the theme “uniting the Muslim sects in the light of peace and tolerance: the role of the Muslim scholars” The programme was organized by the Iranian cultural consulate in Ghana.

He called on the Muslim leadership to endeavor to work together despite their ideological differences towards achieving unity for the Muslim Ummah.

In his welcome address the new cultural consular at the Iranian Embassy to Ghana Dr. Mohammed Harsan Ipakchi called on the different sects in Ghana to breach the gap that exist between them for the sake of the Ummah.

According to the Consular. Ghana, having been in Ghana before, his work here is than a second home for him and therefore hopes to work with.

Speaking at the programme, Sheik Seebaway Zakaria a lecturer at the Kwame Nkrumah University for science and technology cautioned that Muslims should respect each other’s faith. “Yes you are right, how right is your right? And if your faith is the truth, how true is your faith”. He asked.

On his part, the National Imam of Sheikh Muslim Community In Ghana, Sheik Abubakar Kamal Dean, argued Muslims to pray for world peace.

Other speakers of the programme which was attended by the Islamic scholars, were Sheikh Arimeyawo Shuaib, Sheikh Mutawaki. Alhaji Khuseim Osman and the President of Islamic University College.

The Guest of Honour to the programme was the Ambassador of Iran to Ghana, His Excellency Mr. Mahomed Sulemani