Secret of my sexy look, by Omotola Jalade

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Fondly called Omo Sexy by Matthew, her pilot husband, the Ondo State-born multi talented queen of the screens said: "I haven't got to where I want to be. I want to get to a level where I can be sitting down with presidents just like Bono is presently doing globally. I also want to discuss crucial matters affecting Africa with these world leaders. I want to touch lives with my fame."

The "Brave Heart" star who will be rolling out the drums to celebrate her 10 years in Nollywood sometimes this year, also confessed that she does not know how her hubby feels whenever she is playing romantic roles in home videos. " I don't think he gets angry. If he does, I shouldn't be doing it any more… I know my limits."

Sometime this year, you will clock 10 years in Nollywood. What should we expect on the D-day?
(Laughs). No comments for now on what to expect. By God's grace, something big is coming up. Just keep your fingers crossed.

Presently, what are you doing?
Presently, I'm under a new management. It is called Atanda Auxillary, they are the one managing me. And as you can see here, we are rehearsing for a new stage drama. Atanda is a new company set up to manage established acts only.
For how long have they been managing you?
They started managing me early this year.
Like how much is involved in this new deal of yours. Is it financially rewarding to you?
(Smiles). I'm so sorry, no comments for now. It is a two-year contract; this is all that I can say about it.
Still on your 10 years in Nollywood as a star actress, how does that make you feel?
First, I thank God for everything. But it has not been easy especially when you look back at those early days. I also want to thank all my fans and all those who stood by me all these years, especially my family. I say a big thank you to everybody that has been part of my success story.
Looking back now, what would you say has kept you going in these past 10 years?
First is God. He gave me life. Then the zeal to want to do something extraordinary and new. I'm always looking forward to doing something new and exciting, which has kept me going.
Having put in 10 years in Nollywood, would you say you are fulfilled as an A-list actress?
I haven't got to where I want to be. On the local scene, yes, I'm fulfilled as an actress (general laughter). I want to get to that level where I can be sitting down with presidents just like Bono is doing presently. I want to sit down and discuss crucial matters affecting Africa with these leaders. This is when you can really call yourself an established artiste. And basically, you touch lives as an established star globally.
How soon do you expect it to happen?
(Chuckles) Who knows! It could happen now or tomorrow. But I'm seeing it coming.
Ten years ago, did you ever envisage that you will get to where you are today so soon?
Well, I've always been a dreamer. I've always been someone who had always wanted so much. In fact, many people around me think I always ask for too much.
Do you actually ask for too much?
Yes, sometimes I do. (Laughs heartily). People also think I'm a workaholic; I think I'm actually one. I'm not a slave driver, but a perfectionist to some extent. I like my things done perfectly well.
Which of your movies would you say actually made you a household name in Nigeria?
Sincerely speaking, I can't say it's this or that. But many of them did the magic.
Much has been said about your musical career. When is your album coming out and what kind of music do you play?
I'm so, so sorry, no comments for now. But there is an album coming out someday.
This year?
By God's grace.
So, what kind of music do you play?
I play dance music.
How many tracks do you have in the album?
Anyone wey una see, na im dey there. (Another bout of laughter).
How soon do your teeming fans expect your album to be out?
I don't know o! It is only God that knows how soon it is going to come out. Or do you know when Jesus will come? Ehen. Just keep your fingers crossed.
So, what inspired your going into music?
Hmmm! Maybe, because I'm an entertainer and the fact that I feel I can do it. Also, my passion for good music drove me into it. When I'm set to release the album, it will be launched in a very big way.
Much has also been said about your ban alongside other of your colleagues. Were you actually banned by movie marketers?
(Mood changes) No comments, please.
Any regrets so far?
None at all.
Aside acting and singing, what other things are you into?
So many other things that you will see as they unfold.
Like what?
You will get to know them in due course. My company, Practical Concept, is into many entertainment stuffs. Any business outside entertainment, we don't handle.
Can you still remember the lowest fee you earned as an up and coming actress?
I'm not too sure, maybe, N15, 000, that was also my first movie, Venom of Justice, in '95.
Any special reason(s) for getting married at the tender age of 18?
That was when I found the right person.
And no regrets for marrying that early?
For now, none. I'm happily married.
As a professional actress, what would you say is the biggest problem facing Nollywood?
For me, it's not a problem per se! It's just a drawback. The fact that we are not having the private sector coming in to support, is a major problem. The bulk of our problems would be solved the moment they start coming in.
What separates you from your colleagues?
I don't know about anything that separates me from the rest. But I know I have vision. I'm not satisfied being where I am, I want to do more by coming up with ideas that will stand me out.
How has being married influenced your life as a top actress?
First is that most of my fans love the fact that I'm married. As a human being, it has helped me to be calmer, more driven. Many people thought marriage would slow me down, but it has actually propelled me. It's been my driving force, because I'm in a good one. Most times, my hubby and I are the ones sitting down and thinking about the next thing I should do. For me, marriage has been the driving force.
But how does your husband feel and react whenever he sees you kissing and playing romantic roles in home videos?
When you see him, ask him. I don't know.
Are you saying he does not get angry?
I don't think he does. If he does, I shouldn't be doing it any more, abi? (General laughter). I also know my limits whenever I'm acting…
Do you have any past event that makes you cry or very sad whenever the thought flashes through your mind?
I'm one person that does not regret things. I believe that my life is a destined one. Everything that happens to me has a reason for happening. For everything that happens to me, I'm always grateful to God.
After Nollywood, what is the next level for you?
I'm not God! Sit down and watch now. (Laughs loud).
Tell us more about your stage work
The title is Odigboshe. I'm acting the role of a princess.
What is the fee like, mouth – watering?
It's beautiful. It's also a very big play that takes much time and everything. It will be shown round the world. Everything about it is very big, especially the cast and crew.
You are looking sweet, sexy, prettier and younger. What is the secret?
OMO SEXY, that is the secret.