Tor Tiv stool: My Kobo Advice To King Makers

With the departure of the paramount ruler of the famous Tiv Kingdom, His Royal Magesty 'Begh U Tiv' ,Orchivirigh Dr Alfred Akawe Torkula Tor Tiv the fourth and Chairman Benue State Council of Chiefs who has gone to meet his progenitors February, 4th 2016. His Excellency Dr Samuel Ortom has set the machinery in motion for the selection of the next Tor Tiv.

This becomes necessary because the Tor Tiv stool is not supposed to be vacant for a long period.

This perhaps informed the decision of the Benue State Government to forward a proposed amendment of the Tor Tiv law to the House of Assembly for consideration to pave way for the appointment of First

Class Chiefs and substantive second class Chiefs, who would

participate in the selection process. With this development, the stage

is now set for the real contest as consecration of stakeholders on the

part of those who wish to succeed the late monarch have embarked on

clandestine moves to sell their preferred candidates and love ones. It

becomes incontrovertible that a lots of Tiv sons especially in IPUSU I

SANKERA (which comprises of SHITILE, UKUM AND TONGOV) had already

registered their appalletions on the contest list ;They includes

;Chief Vitalis Torkuma Adekpe, Engr Benedict Tertsea Shinku, Chief

Terkula Suswam, Navy Comdr Afegha, Mr Denen Acka, Ambassador Chive

Kaave, Prof Daniel Saaor, Col Korchia rtd. among others.

Already, horse trading, lobbying, and meetings upon meetings

characterized the activities of the moment. Tactical handshake, weigh

smiles and premeditated laughter are very common in every gathering.

Unusual official and unofficial visit to influential, distinguished

Tiv Sons and daughters, Uters, Utyo-Mbayorov, Mbatareghs and

Ator-aa-Ukpandes who are in a driving seats is skyrocketing on daily

basis. The schemes are devised by each contestants so as to be crowned

the next 'Begh U Tiv' at the end of the marathon race.

The IPUSU I SANKERA which is their legitimate turn to produce the next

Tor Tiv has the favour of the government as the government is possessed

to to do the rights thing to bring peace to the state. Also other


areas and relevant stakeholders all favour Ipusu Sankara to produce the

next Tor Tiv. While IPUSU I KWANDE who are the descendants of Kparev that


already occupied the Tor Tiv stool twice in 1946 and 1979 under

Orchivirigh Makir Zakpe and Orchivirigh James Akperan Orshi

respectively are not favoured to produce the next Tor Tiv. This is

because Kparev was just one of the Baba Ipusu four sons. Others were

Shitile(first son), Ukum and Tongov. The descendants of Shitile, Ukum and

Tongov therefore are highly favoured occupy the throne.

However, before I draw the curtain, let the King makers be conscious

of the fact that,
*The next Tor Tiv should be some body who has the fear of God. It is

a traditional matter but God uses kings as his instruments to direct,

guide and instruct their people. That being the case, the kingmakers

should pray to God for God fearing king, for the well meaning people

of Tiv Nation.
*The King makers should commit to memory that, Tiv traditional

institutions is not a partisant political association so it's supreme


should not be a partisant politician, the king should be the father of

all irrespective of political affiliation. This is to enable the cultural

institutions pull off its expected responsibilities without being

dictated by party Generals.
* The next Tor Tiv should be some body who deserves the job, not who

desperately wants the job. In the same vein this highly hallowed

throne should not be used as compensation for any party loyalists or

*The duties of the paramount ruler are not circumscribed to Tiv

locality only, it also involves the outside world, therefore, the next

ruler should not be a case-study of incompetence. It should be

somebody that has created memorable mark in academic. In essence, he

should be knowledgeable. This will definitely enabled him to interact

with his contemporaries all over the world, confront enormous

challenges, partake in decision making
Process and policies formulation. More importantly, the next Tor Tiv

should be some one that can attract development to the Tiv land.

*The Tiv people don't want an alphabetical or unlettered king - some

one who is imprisoned by illiteracy.
Finally let the kingmakers bury their selfish interest and regards the

will of the masses by selecting a king that is young. A young king who is

knowledgeable will have more energy and all things being equal, may have

longer period to rule and to have impact. It is therefore our expectations

that the King Makers will not allow the many distractions(especially Naira

and Kobo) that are usually experienced at a time as this to affect their

sense of judgement but will toe the path of noble men to give the Tiv

people the type of king the Tiv people desire.

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