Latroniga Launches Tomatoes Mama Platform Game

By La Tronga
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Are you a fan of the old style gaming? Do you still love the magic of the old arcade games? Well have Latroniga got a treat for you! The mobile game studio has just launched its second mobile game and it's already proving popular with discerning customers.

Called Tomatoes Mama, the game is based on retro platformer games and is available now for download on Android and coming soon on iOS.

The aim is to help Tomatoes Mama collect as many tomatoes for storage whilst avoiding the black infected ones. There are also additional hazards such as spikes and black animals who are out to trip you up as you go along.

Not only does Tomatoes Mama have "awesome graphics", but there's also 36 challenging levels, multiple obstacles and smooth tap control.

This is the second platformer game developed by Latroniga. The company launched its debut game, “Santa Island” before Christmas last year.

Sylvester M Ogidi, Founder and CEO of Latroniga, said: "Tomatoes Mama is a fun game for gamers of all ages. It's based on the format of popular retro games where players have to dodge obstacles in order to win. It's great fun for all the family and really tests the ability of the player."

Sylvester set up the independent gaming company in 2015. Although originally Nigerian, the company is now based in North Cyprus and its name is derived from the words "Play Electronic Games"... Latroniga =pLAyelecTRONIcGAmes.

He added: "Our mission is to create compelling games that appeal to gamers of all ages and I believe we have that with Tomatoes Mama. We've worked hard to ensure the game has all the appeal of retro games and excellent games play, and I'm proud we've achieved that."

Keen to have a go? Download the app now from all major app retailers.