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RAMP-2 Supporting The Adamawa State Govt. By Boosting Economic Activities Through Rds Rehabilitation, Reconstruction And Maintenance

By Tom Garba, Yola

Rural access and Mobility Project-2 is a co- sponsoring Project of World Bank (WB),French Development Agency (FDA) and Adamawa State Government through its Counterpart funding to rehabilitate, Construct roads in rural communities for boosting of social economy activities of the local people in the state.

RAMP-2 is indeed doing a great work by consolidating and supporting the effort of Adamawa state Government on roads construction,Rehabilitation and maintenance as there are hundreds of community are being linked up with good access roads.

Lot 1 of the on going work is positively affecting the economy life of the following roads;

1.New Jambutu-Ngolomba- Bogare (8.2km)
2.Njoboli- Njoboliyo Rugange (9.4km)
3.Labondo-Gwakrah-Koh-Goron-Borrong (34.6km)
4.Kwanan Waya-Namtari (4.2km)
The Lot 1road is having the following villages and communities as beneficiaries;Bogare,Ngoromba,Jambutu,Ungwar Mai Rawani. Others are ; Njoboli- Rugange Road: Njoboliyo - River B T,Rugange. Also there is Labondo, Gwakrah - koh - Goron-Borrong Road.Wakawa, Gwagwara, Gari Hatsi, Gbogara Hasey, Yolde, Jikajam,Moron, Mbumara and Bange are all the villages that will be linking up together will run up to 56.4km access roads in the area.

RAMP-2 has equally extended to to Lot 2 of it's roads project to the following roads currently on work;

1.Mildo-Muduvu-Madagali will be linking up with 14.9km road construction.

2.Kaya-Kuda-Bitiku-Sabon Gari will be having a 17.5km access road.

3. Shuwa-Pallam is another road that will run up to 8.1km.

4. Main Road-Koe-koppa will be receiving a 8.0km access road construction.

5. Bazza-Betso-Mango-Kalikasa-Zah is having 25km road construction.

These roads are having the following communities living along it's corridor; Kaya, kuda, kubu, Bitiku, Giwamulu and Sabon Gari.

Shuwa, Pallam,Mildo,Muduvu, Yibango, Masawa,Gambaro, Sukur and Madagali are also part of the benefitted communities.

Others are; Bazza,Gwobeshi,Watsila, Shaffa,Mango, Bet so Mango, Saba, Mampe, Gwandum, Kalikasa, Bupa, Karaza,Karasa,Koe and Koppa

Roads in Lots 3 that Ramp 2 will be doing are;
1.New Demsa- Old Demsa-Kodomun-Kwaine (28km)
2.Kpasham-Kebali-Yanga (15.2km)
3. Bille-Gumari-W/Hamawa-H/Bobbo-Gadamayo-M/Belwa (15.5km)

4. Gyawana-Hadiyo-Lamurde (12.8km)
Benefitting Communities along lot 3 are; New Demsa, Old Demsa, Bwashi, Nogare, Kulero 1&2, Sabin pegi, Kodomun ,Pudde and Kwaine.

The roads will also have Kpasham,Kebali, Lawe, Yanga, Bille,Wuro Hamawa,Wuro Bobbo and MayoBelwa.

Others are Gyawana,Pudde,Dubwangu, Goo,Mbemu,Hadiyo and Lamurde.

RAMP-2 is indeed geared toward making sure all Rural communities are having good access roads and this under the adminstration of Senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrila Bindow will support the state in no distance time to change the entire Adamawa state with good policy of " Bindow for Social Change" (BSC).

Kudos to RAMP-2 as a Total of 201.4km roads is awarded to various communities in different LGAs of the state by the stance effort of Adamawa state Government.