Resurgence Of Kidnapping, Armed Robbery And Violent Crimes In Aba, Federal House Of Representative Member (Aba North & South Constituency),Civil Society Organizations Raises Concerns; Call For Efforts Of The State And Federal Government To Curb The Menace

By "Foundation For Environmental Rights, Advocacy"

Worried that the spate of kidnapping, killing of innocent citizens, Armed Robber in and around Aba Metropolis in recent times is rapidly on the increase; we are also worried also that on the average five (5) persons are kidnapped, robbed or maimed in and around the Aba Metropolis on almost daily basis.

Further, we are more worried that in the last few weeks ago prominent businessmen.Doctors, politicians, lawyers just to mention a few, including children of both the high and mighty and the less and under privileged have unfortunately fallen victims of these heinous crimes.

Concerned that on Sunday 24th January 2016, a well known supermarket along the ever busy ogbor Hill and Arise plaza both in Aba were robbed amidst of sporadic and heavy shooting and this regrettably result in the death of 5 persons including 2 police inspectors attached to the Azuka police station in Aba.

Further concerned that these acts of kidnapping armed robbery and killing of innocent people in Aba are perpetrated in broad day light, notably between 9.30am and 5.30pm

Aware that chief ogbo,the owner of Righteous supermarket,Dr. Kamala the managing Director of Nazareth Hospital, Barr. Ogunji and popular electronics dealer simply known as Asaa are among innocent Abians who have been kidnapped in Aba,Abia State in January 2016

Further Aware that on Tuesday 26th January 2016, Four (4) persons were kidnapped in broad daylight within a space of 45 minutes at several locations along the busy Azikiwe Road in Aba

Worried that the perpertrators of these ungodly acts more often than not are armed with sophiscpated weapons and they create panic in the entire city of Aba and its environs by their sporadic shootings in the process of perpetrating their evil deeds.

Concerned that those who have kidnapped were forced to part with huge sum of money as ransom to the kidnappers ot face brutual killings in their hands. On the Average the Money paid as ransom is running into hundreds of millions of Niaria that is enough to crumble the economy of the State will adversely affect the citizens residing in this Area.

Worried that as a result of these ungodly Acts, the entire people of Aba and its Environs are now living in great fear and anxiety. As a matter of Fact there has been a massive exodus of people,Goods and services from Aba which hitherto is the commercial Hub of the East and Nigeria in general due to the activities of this kidnappers

Recall that in 2012, Armed Bandits and kidnappers besieged the city of Aba and its enviros and unleashed untold terror, harm, fear and hardship on the peaceful and loving people of Abia State.

Recall that it took the timely intervention of the federal Government deployment of soldiers and anti terrorist Troops and battle ready policemen to purge the city of Aba and its Environs of these deadly thugs and criminals.

Aware that unless battle ready and well armed policemen and military Personnel are drafted to arrest the ugly situation in and around the Aba Metropolis, the situation will grow from bad to worse

Further Aware that if the situation is not arrested, Aba which is undoubtedly known for huge commercial Activities and Huge revenue generating source for the state will become a shadow of itself and thus it will greatly have a negative impact on the state and nation economy.

1. To prevail on the chief of Army Staff and the Inspector General of Police to swiftly wade into this Situation by deploying well armed and battle ready soliders and policemen to Aba and its Environs.

2. Mandate Mobile telephone services providers i.e. MTN,Airtel,Etisalat,Globalcomm amongst others to create an enabling and accessible platform where people with vital security information can disclose them to appropriate security agencies and assist in tracking and determining the actual locations of the suspected criminals and kidnappers who use their telecommunication networks in contacting family and friends of kidnapped victims for Ransom.

3. Abia State Government as a matter of urgency overhaul its security apparatus that will help in apprehending the perpetrators of this heinous crime.

Comrade Nelson Nnanna Nwafor
Executive Director
Foundation for Environmental Rights, Advocacy & Development (FENRAD)

Comrade Innocent Anozie Nwokocha
Society for Economic Rights & Social Justice (SERSJ)

Comrade David Anyaele
Centre for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD)
Cassius Ukwugbe
Human Rights,Justice and Peace Foundation(HRJPF)
Assumpta Nwakanma
Initiative for Women Empowerment & Development (IWED)

And many others.
Comrade Nelson Nnanna Nwafor
Executive Director
Foundation For Environmental Rights,Advocacy & Development(FENRAD)

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