Annoying Habits Every Nigerian Traveler Should Drop


A majority of Nigerians love to travel whether within the country or around the world. While a number of them have good travel habits which keep them alert and prepared for possible setbacks including losing their luggage, getting sick or having something stolen, there are some who often exhibit behaviours that not only put them at risk and set them up for dire challenges while travelling, but also upsets other passengers unlucky to be on the same path as they are.

The thing is, most of the travelers who exhibit these habits do not even know that they do and so have no clue that they need to tackle them. To help set them straight,, Africa’s no.1 online hotel booking portal reveals 5 annoying travel habits that all savvy Nigerian travelers need to drop to ensure they enjoy a continuously smooth experience.

Arriving late
Arriving late to the airport or terminal is a common habit for most people. They fail to consider the possibility of traffic or car failure when estimating time needed to get to the airport. Some do not pack at least a day before the trip but leave it for the morning of the journey and as a result, arrive late and miss their flight or bus, creating difficulties for not just themselves, but also the officers who help them cancel or re-book their flight. In some cases, people who have to stop over at multiple locations while traveling to a country abroad, arrive late to the plane, causing delays for others or in dire cases, facing the horrible challenge or re-routing or re-booking their flight. While travelling, it pays to keep to time.

Over packing
Many women are known for extra luggage. They like to travel with a lot of bags even if it just a short trip, and this habit can be very annoying as they end up taking most of the cabin luggage space, forcing other passengers to squeeze their luggage in tiny corners. Hotel staff get discouraged, escorting them to their rooms as they worry about carrying a lot of luggage.To save yourself the stress, stick to taking the essentials and do not pack anything you can get at your travel destination.

Asking for favours
Some people make a habit of asking for favours while travelling. Some of the popular favours they ask include: ‘Please, do you mind if we switch seats, I really do not like seating next to the window, I find it super scary’, ‘Do you mind if I put my things under your seat? I can’t fit these extra bags that I smuggled onto the plane under my own seat’, Or “Can I please use your phone to call my friend so she can know that I am close to the airport, I have run out of minutes.” Most passengers who give in to these request hold a level or resentment inside or get irritated. To keep the a cordial atmosphere with people they meet, they should ensure they make proper arrangements and do not bother others by asking for favours on the road.

Ignoring Seat Etiquette
Some air passengers are the worst when it comes to observing seat etiquette. They find it hard to keep to their own space while on their seat. They fail to understand the need for the armrest between two seats and they ignore the tray tables when eating, sometimes spilling food on other passengers as a result. The worst is when they sleep on the shoulder of the neighbor sitting next to them, possibly drooling on them. When travelling, ensure you keep to your seat and observe all etiquette, that way you are not a burden to your neighbor.

Flashing money
When traveling, it is important that you hide your valuables and only use them when necessary. This is to avoid attracting the wrong set of people, and is instrumental to ensuring you do not become an easy target for thieves and marauders. Nigerians however, like to flash their money and even dress up in their expensive clothes and jewelry when travelling, especially abroad. They do this mostly to create the impression of affluence as most believe that affluence commands recognition and respect. However, unless you have body guards or some kind of immunity, it is important to drop the habit.