Facts About Ankle Replacement Surgery

Ankle Replacement Surgery
Ankle Replacement Surgery
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Ankle replacement Surgery is described as a medical procedure done to replace the diseased or damaged bone and cartilage inside the ankle joint with a new artificial joint. This artificial joint is a prosthetics used to replace the originaljoint but feels like a natural one.This treatment is now preferred mostly for fusion of the bones as ankle replacement surgery helps in restoringseries of motion in the joint. The surgery is generallyperformed on patients who are suffering from arthritis since long and who do not have osteoporosis of the ankle.Ankle Replacement surgery,also called as Endoprosthetic ankle replacement Surgery or a Total ankle Arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure usually performed for patients with advanced ankle osteoarthritis. The objective of an ankle replacement surgery is to eradicate constant pain and conserve ankle movement maintaining its flexibility.

When to undergo an Ankle Replacement Surgery?

Ankle replacement surgery is the most important treatment for patients suffering with advanced arthritis or severe damage to the joints following trauma or osteoarthritis.This surgery is commonly performed if the ankle joint is severely broken due to trauma or degenerated due to age-related ailments. Certain signs not to be neglected are persistent pain and loss of movement of the ankle. Some other causes of ankle damage are:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis or Arthritis affected by ankle surgery in the past
  • Certain fractures of ankle bones.
  • Infection in the ankle
  • Conditions of Osteoarthritis

Ankle Replacement Surgery Procedure
Ankle replacement Surgery includes replacing the natural bones of the ankle joint which have been damaged due to various reasons. The diseased bones are replaced with an artificial protectioncalled as prosthesis. The ankle replacement surgery has 3components. Out of the three components, 2protect the joint and there is a third mobile component present in the middle. These componentsallowgreater mobility and decrease the stress between the bone and the artificial implants. All the components are protected in a bioactive coating which gives room forthe patient's own bone to grow easily inside the artificial fixtures.

Benefits of Ankle Replacement Surgery

  • Helps in relieving from severe pain and also helps in restoring normal joint function in patients with end-stage progressive joint ailment resulting from medical conditions like traumatic arthritis, osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.
  • It helps in protecting the adjacent joints like subtalar jointas compared to an ankle fusion.
  • Better mobility is achieved after an Ankle Replacement Surgery.
  • Encourages normal walking and performing daily activities without much strain.

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