Adamawa APC Crisis: Chieftain Cautions Against Impunity By The NWC Of The Party

By Tom Garba, Yola
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An All Progressives Congress (APC) party chieftain in Adamawa state, Alhaji Ahmad Lawal has cautioned the National working committee (NWC) of the party of an impending looming danger awaits the party in the state as a result of imposing an acting state chairman to heads the affairs of the state's party.

Ahmad who is the state Organising Secretary worry over the possible break up of the party in the state over what he call negligent of members constitutional right to select a leader of their choice.

He accused the APC NCW of super imposing one Ibrahim Bilal a LGA chairman of the party from Michika who the State working Committee (SWC) have not been consulted only to hear of plan of his swearing in.

"I don't thing our officials at the National level are doing the right thing and in the interest of our good party, they do not consult us for any thing or for any reason at the state level for putting an acting chairman of our party in the state, we can as well say he can not call us for any official meetings or we can decline any of his invitations for any party meetings, ". Ahmad said

"You can recall imposition is One of the things that led to the break down of PDP in Nigeria,today PDP became an opposition party in the seat power, it's imposition and lack of strong adherent to constitutional rights of party members had destroyed the party bringing APC on board, the party many believe is for the down trodden and for common people, I see that problem trying to befall the good people of Adamawa, APC our party is a party of equal right and justice to all and sundry as such our Leaders should not forget that." He added

He also said that :" I can't imagine our National leaders will just bring somebody from Local Government level and without consulting the SWC and to tell us over night he is the acting Chairman of APC party in the state, at least we have our constitution and in article 17 of the constitution is talking of Congresses, fielding of candidates if there is any vacant positions and elections, it does not talk of imposition but talks of consensus".

He further complain that NCW faulted article 17 of the Party's constitution by imposing Ibrahim Bilal who is not a Member of SCW and was not even a consensus candidate that he can become an acting chairman of the party in the state.

He warn that for the sake of peace and unity the national leaders should do what is enshrined in the constitution by conducting a congress that can emerge new officials of field in official that are within the SCW officials. Else this can further degenerate to serious division and hatred among party members.

Before now the party has been into serious political crisis where a faction of late Shuaibu Yamusa who was having the endorsement of the three senators in the state and Simon Dimas receiving a backing up of the Governor are tussling to get hold of the central office in the state.