To Hell With Apugo: May God Cancel His Foul Counsel

By Ogbonna A Chikatara

On Wednesday, February 2016, The SUN Daily on page 35 featured one of the lamest interviews on Chief Benjamin Apugo. The person who carried out the interview hasn’t the courage to quote his name which reflects that the interviewer was on to a shady hatchet job.

I am a native of Ibeku Land and can boldly state that Apugo is no prince as stated. Apugo is of no known birth and cannot be a prince. If you doubt me let Apugo tell the world who is his father, more so, the kingdom that crowned him a prince. At over 70 years, Apugo should have succeeded his father and shouldn’t be answering a prince but king.

Apugo’s recent political achievement is bashing of Senator Orji. Outside that nothing works for him. If you are in doubt what policy statement has Apugo made in his APC, can any compare Apugo with Alh. Lai Mohammed, Dr.Ogbonnaya Onu, Oyegun or Tinubu. In Ibeku Land he is a pariah, always at loggerheads with all known for series of land grabbing heists

All he does is to savour the free pages of the Sun and yap like a baby.

That Apugo is a glorified Bot member is evident in many ways. How many times has he summoned a meeting of APC in Abia? Has he had any significant notification in APC.

APC was vocal in Abia and had a cohesive leadership that flowed reasonably when they were into series of meetings in Chief Onyemobi’s house but not anymore since Apugo, the prince of no land joined them.

APC in Abia should have a good showing being the national party but not anywhere. The problem is Apugo who has subjected them to secret meetings in numerous factions with divided loyalty as there are the Ikechi Emenike, Ohajuruka, and Nyerere Anyim groups. To add insult to injury, the new influx of Nkechi Nwaogu, Dr. Chris Adighije, Tony Ukasanya, Kalu Idika Kalu are not sure whom to identify with. I am praying for the state convention of APC to come up and we are sure to watch the funniest dramas.

Going back to Apugo and his offensive interviews, his views are not worth the slightest comments. In his previous interviews he spoke ill of Ikpeazu, now he has asked the governor to leave T. A. Orji and embrace Alex Otti. These odious counsels are not strange but typical of the Apugo persona. How do these fall in line with his previous claims that APC will take over Abia? If Ikpeazu by any stretch of imagination works with Otti, will it not be a serious weapon fashioned against APC? No surprise as anti party activity is his hobby.

Apugo has his house seriously divided and wants to destroy Abia APC. Which of his sons identify with him? Chukwudi Apugo, the Abia Assembly member and IK Apugo the GM of ASEPA do not pass the same way with their cantankerous father, so what Is his reckoning? If he has any political weight let him bring those his sons to APC.

Ikpeazu is knowledgeable enough not to bother himself with Apugo’s unsolicited advice. Come to think of it, what degree of advice does Ikpeazu need from a man who couldn’t keep his family intact?

On his caustic slander of T. A. Orji, let him answer this question. If T A. Orji had nothing to offer why did he successfully serve as Chief of Staff for 8 years, Governor for the same number of years and now a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria? His political profile has been on the rise. Can Apugo spawn any enviable CV rather than squabbles and tantrums?

Apugo basks on expired glory. Since after the election of Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, first democratically elected governor of Abia and now minister of Federal Ministry of Technology has not recorded any success since he his penchant is to lorded it over everybody even his superiors. But like the old adage, empty barrels make the loudest noise and like somebody said, there is no need pushing the drunk, he will fall by himself.

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