Christians Are Fake, Superstitious, Igbos Are Suffering From Their Superstition—Igbo-Ukwu Monarch

By Okechukwu Onuegbu
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The Traditional Ruler of Igbo-ukwu, Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State, His Royal Highness Igwe Dr. Barr. Martin N. Ezeh (Idu II) has accused Christians of superstition, even as he alleged that they are crippling the unity and progress of Igbo nation.

Ezeh, who disclosed this in exclusive interview with at his palace, posited that the Church sowed seed of discord among Igbos forcing them to be suspicious of their family and friends.

According to him, “Christians are using their superstitious believe to draw Igbos backward. Igbos are suffering of their superstitious lifestyles. Igbos of today are unlike Igbos of yesterday. Christians make them to be suspecting each other. Church gives rise to superstition in Igbo land. We are no longer united as before. We don’t longer progress as before.

“Our companies, most things found by Igbos hardly survive like that of northerners and westerners. Now, if you call your Igbo brother or sister to partner you or learn from you as an apprentice, the church would deceive him to leave you that you are using rituals to destroy or change his destiny. The church is causing trouble everywhere; within the Christendom, in the society, governments, etc. They preach love but have no love.

“Once they become born again, they either excommunicate or shun every person that is not in their shoe including their so-called unrepented parents and relatives. They don’t even believe their members or other churches. I know A-Z of eyes problem such as surgery, and glasses. Scientifically, it has not been proved that a human being can inflict another with eye related diseases. But these Churches would lie to you that they were caused by your people, who are enemies of your progress.

They give false prophesies; lie to people that their parents or relatives are responsible for their woes. This is why our people are in disarray, and disunity. There are no more meetings to reach agreement by umuada, umunna, etc. for ways forward. It is spreading like hurricane fire and might consume the entire generation if not checkmated”, he submitted.

On what could be done to assuage the anomalies, he called for basic orientation and reorientation of Christian brethrens on what religion is and should be.