5 Must-Do Things To Never Get Lost In A City

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Travelling to an unfamiliar city or terrain can be difficult to navigate and if you are not careful you may lose your way and get lost. In order not to fall victim, while trying to find your way through a thicket such as the Chappal-Waddi in Taraba state , Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal offers 5 smart ways to help you move around with ease without missing your way. You will definitely have a swashbuckling time during your trip.

Plan Ahead
Getting lost during a trip is oftentimes as a result of poor planning. Before leaving, you should find out about the route to the destination, the quirks about the destination itself and read travel blogs. Planning ahead can prevent you from getting lost and saving you unnecessary cost.

Use Maps and GPS
Technology will always come in handy whenever you travel. Tools like map, compass and GPS can help you keep track of your movement. This is the most guaranteed way to never get lost as the global tracking system has the ability to accurately tell your position based on data received from satellites.

Ask for direction
If you find yourself in a new city, it is advisable to reach out warmly to locals around. Roaming around aimlessly for hours does nothing to help you get home quicker, so swallow your pride and ask for direction before you stroll into dangerous territory.

Recognize landmarks
In a city which you are unfamiliar, it is important to pay attention to key landmarks like hotels , churches, schools, pubs, street names and military formations. You can take the picture of these landmarks with a camera. However, do not allow your phone to run out of battery by taking irrelevant pictures.

Follow the crowd
If you are in a city and cannot speak the dialect, follow the crowd especially during the rush hour and they will most likely lead you to a major bus stop or terminal. At the terminal, you can inquire about where you are going. If you are lucky enough, people may speak your language and help out there.

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