"Obiano Has Put The Youths On The Platform To Lead Today"—Ifeanyi Aniagoh

By Ifeanyi Aniagoh

My Speech at Anambra Youths 2016 Annual Mega Rally held at Amawbia on Friday, February 5, 2016.

Standing on the already established protocol, I wield the authority bestowed on me as the Chairman of Njikoka Local Government U-AYA to address this mega gathering of shakers and movers of our great State.

I salute the exemplary leadership of the elderly, the sound followership of the youths and the learning ability of the very young.

It's important we take note of the "U" in U-AYA; I mean the "United" in United Anambra Youth Assembly.

It's unique, special and historic; we are united in this and now because, Anambra State, for the first time is witnessing the effects of an unconditional transformer... A man voted into office by all; a leader who's expanding the frontiers of excellence for "Ndi Anambra n'ile"; a governor who has set an all Africa record by allowing over 40% Youths inclusion in his appointments... We are united because Willie Is Working and the People are Happy!

Akpokuedike has given the Anambra Youth an Identity:

- Many have been trained;
- Many have been effectively engaged;
- Many are serving within the government circles;
- Many have booming businesses as a result of the investment-friendly environment;

- Many have been empowered via Anambra Small Business Agency;

- Thousands are already employed by the new investments flowing into the Light of the Nation.

Most interestingly, since the Youths are the most travelled section of the population, the Anambra Brand introduced by Gov Obiano gives us: a set of Colours to fly; a Flag to carry; a Logo to look up to and an Anthem to inspire us!

As Anambra Youths, we are stronger, empowered the more, and readier to overtake! Thanks to Obiano effect!

But we have one progress to be worried about; Yes, not scared but worried! Because amidst worries lies the imaginative power to Think, Create and Innovate!

Being youths, we should be worried because Akpokuedike is not only mobilising, developing and empowering the Youth in us; he is laying a solid foundation for those that will take over from us.

The younger generation; the children of today are having a great preparation for the challenges of the Youth Age... Our schools are being rebuilt and equipped; the teachers are being taken care of and the pupils and students are towering higher, competing world over and returning home with laudable trophies... Children prepared in that manner are 100% on the right tract to have a vital, viable and very fruitful Youth Experience!

Imagine a student from my Alma Mater being the World Best Speaker in an International Debate held in Singapore... That's Obiano Effect!

My time at Army Day Secondary School, people laughed at us, people looked down on public schools. But today, Ndi Anambra and beyond respect public schools in our dear State, Army Day stands out, not just in Nigeria but in World Competitions... Kudos to the Willingly Working Willie!

However, this "worry" should not bother us but push us to grab the great opportunities inherent in Akpokuedike’s policies and leadership style.

Chief Obiano has given us capacity, he has put the Youths on the platform to lead today...

This is a government of the Youths, it can't fail because the youths can't fail!

With our energy, untapped potentials and imaginative ability, we shall totally and "unitedly" stand by Chief Willie Obiano as he makes Anambra State the first choice investment destination in Africa.

We have never had it so good, the future has never been brighter and I'm Proudly Onye Anambra.

Willie Obiano Support Group!!!!!!!!!
Osodieme Obiano Ladies Movement!!!!!!!!
United Anambra Youth Assembly!!!!!!!!!!
A... P... G... A...
I'm pleased to have spoken to you.
Thank You!
Rtn Ifeanyi Aniagoh
SSA to Gov Willie Obiano on Social Media
Chairman,U-AYA Njikoka
Senior Special Assistant to Gov Willie Obiano on Social Media