I would have died if I had chosen formal education over comedy…. Ace comedian I Go Dye

Source: Hope Efoghe/Nigeriafilms.com

Ace comedian I Go Dye has definitely made a name for himself. Though he didn't go to a tertiary school but he speaks sound and correct English.

His story is that of grace to grace as comedy paved the path for him. However, most celebrities without education later goes back to get a degree, but that does not seem to be the case of I Go Dye as he doesn't have any plan of doing that soon.

In an interview with punch recently, he made it known that his choice of course would have been Technical Engineering if he had gone to school. He further said engineering has been something he stared at a little age of 12, where he was asked to build up a few gadgets.

His love for comedy took over every other thing, and comedy has become something that he cants live without. However, he turned down an offer to school abroad just to pursue his passion; he has spent 20 years in the game which finally paid off for him. He is actually not regretful about it, as he claims his passion for comedy cannot be replaced by a formal education.

In his words: “I probably could have died by now if I decided to become a Structural Engineer.

Academic pursuit depends on personal interest. I am still acquiring knowledge on a daily basis.

There is no limit to educational quest. The truth of the matter is that life is a choice. Until you do things you love, you cannot really be happy. Those things I built at the time are still part of my life today. But I chose comedy because that is where my love lies. I started building things at the young age of about 12. At a point, I was no longer really comfortable with that path of life.”