BNYL Congress: Cross River Youth Throws Support

By Biafra National Youth League (BNYL)

The Cross River Regional Chapter of Biafra Nations Youth League has indicated it readiness to host Biafrans who will be coming from other places for the forthcoming BNYL Congress, this was made known in a statement issued by the regional Coordinator Ebuta Takon.

In his statement, "Cross River Region is the most conducive area for our Congress, it is Cross River that has the highest number of ethnic groups in Biafra as a whole"

Ebuta Takon stressed the need to go ahead with the Congress and why it is imperative.

"We are are always at the receiving end in Nigeria, our presence is not always welcomed anywhere in Nigeria apart from our home"

"for us to achieve Biafra, the various ethnic groups must be united, and that is why we the BNYL are working round the clock in mobilising from across the various ethnic groups of Biafran origin"

He added "I want to make it known that the people of Cross River does not need anybody to consult them like others are waiting, we have every right to stand up for Biafra like our Igbo brethren are doing"

"On the day of our Congress Biafrans will be astonished to see the overwhelming number of Cross River Indigenes that will be present"