Armed Forces Remembrance Day Held In Nigeria 2016

By Taiwo Folarnwa

First of all let me make this clear as I won't stop saying it that I have taken no money or kobo from THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF NIGERIA on winning a same sex marriage to marry NIGERIA or USA during the x president jonathan administration because people almost eat me alive any time I shout to people back in public when they call me IYAWO ORILEDE (wife to Nigeria) by them laughing in joy but I don't understand what they are saying not long ago in lagos and ogun state nigeria.

And I have taken no money from the x governor of lagos state mr babatunde raji fashola on charges in addition I have not choosen governor amosun of ogun state nigeria for same sex marriage and I have not choosen any father in Nigeria on adoption in owerri town nigeria and nigeria had not given me any surprise benefit in my education or life but I stateted that if I am on a same sex marriage list to nigeria or adoption list to the U.S, that president buhari office or federal government of nigeria should let me know to clearify things because I have hard a lot and I have taken no money prize on adoption to the white house from the USA government ,......

I also wrote an article on boko haram and nigerian Tv,s publish it without my notice as the writer on security when the boko haram team bomb the U.N building in abuja, the advert end a word statement that says, WE ARE NOT TERRORIST WE ARE NIGERIANS it is an ADVERT ON SECURITY, . . . but any power or nation that had taken a step or that will take a step to ridicule me such nation will not progress among all nations. . . . .I was at home with my mum at our residence in ogun state nigeria at the country side in a large village and nepa the electric power house of nigeria brought the light and I went to the GO tv, on the decoder and I notice that my mum have no subscription but NTA tv station is free to view, I now saw the NIGERIAN ARMED FORCES REMEBRANCE DAY life on tv, I saw President Buhari of nigeria and I decide to watch the nigeria armed forces remembrance day 2016. . .first of all will the world agree that nigeria should produce a nuclear weapon? And if U.N did not agree what may be the reason? ........... If projects on security are suspended or push off on security in nigeria to say END PROJECT or push aside

PROJECT then how can we tell the world we need security in Nigeria? I laugh. If I am the world president won't I laugh by saying funny people, because I my self wrote an article on security during the Boko

Haram u.n building bomb blast and a nigerian TV publish my article as an advert wordings without my notice as the writer which is so BAD to discourage a child. . . . DEFENCE is good in any country and the military men are to protect the country, the ARMY. . . I should have written an awesome opinion now on armed forces standard of today in Nigeria on defence power and development but I have been discouraged in many ways not to write to NIGERIA since 2011... Even at my school lasu I finished in 2011 but certificate is not yet out but thank GOD my oracle database 11g certificate is out and I am not a cocaine dealer to nigeria as a woman said I am a drug owner in activities but that is not true and I am not a gay boy that mess up my self at night locations even during my school days at lasu (lagos state university) I don't go to night clubs. . . .

THE NIGERIAN ARMED FORCES REMEMRANCE DAY IN ABUJA was cool as I saw it on tv and I saw the fly away of the doves that stand for peace I was happy as I am a NIGERIAN yes A NIGERIA AT OUR TIME TO BRING A NEW SEE despite all the false accusations on me at the nigerian public on cheating and adoption. . .the dove fly away is my pride as NIGERIA I mean hmmm as a NIGERIA Nigerian when president buhari put off the doves to the air for peace at the armed forces remembrance day 2016.

Then on the nigerian armed forces remembrance day that I saw on nta tv I also saw president buhari on a signature and he was shown by a military man on ? I don't wanna talk about that on what they told the president of nigeria to see because I have ask nigeria on many things I want but they did not answer me on what I want so I can't give full details on all what I saw on the armed forces remembrance day of nigeria . . . .

THE MILITARY ARMED FORCES OF NIGERIA had been a role in nigeria that we may not forget but what is that thing that nigeria may do that nigeria will be at the top 5 world powers on military defense on jet fighters and men on marine and if U.N refuse that nigeria should not produce nuclear weapons then nigerian government should check them selves very well to know what to do to be at the top, if I am a REPUBLICAN, military or democratic leader I believe my jet fighters and marine men as a PRESIDENT OF NIGERIA will be one of the best in the world, crazy fantastic boys and men that can fly get fighters on defense and men on the marine at sea shore. . . the word to (defend her unity) in the Nigerian national pledge is a strong word but WHO iS THAT PRESIDENT THAT CAN DEFEND NIGERIA? Is it you or me TAIWO? . .....message from

kadiri taiwo. My facebook I d:[email protected]­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­, my contact 0092348062521574....­­­­­­­­.....

YES I was looking into lack of women education in Nigeria and I think of why some women in northern nigeria get married early without no university education and at the western and eastern nigeria many women stop their education at a high school SSSCE level with no university degree... Marriage is good and early marriage have some advantage in women because it brings early child birth.

My mum also marry very early and she gave birth to 10 children she is an hair dresser and she gave the world president Mr Bill Clinton an hand shake in abuja when he the x usa president visited Abuja nigeria many years ago, A WHITE PRESIDENT THAT VISITED NIGERIA,.... for my mum to give a world president an hand shake this shows that despite she is an hair dresser she still belong to the NATIONAL WOMEN GROUP of nigeria and she took a courage not to say I CAN'T BE A GOOD WOMAN TO MY COUNTRY. . Hausa women at the northern Nigeria love trading and production but is there any thing like a woman having a university degree? HOW CAN WE EDUCATE THE NORTHERN WOMEN IN NIGERIA ON IMPORTANT OF A UNIVERSITY DEGREE along with the Eastern and Western nigerian women? Early pregnancy may not be good because female parents should give their female adult girls a sex education to educate them on HIV and AIDS and early pregnancy.

Let me stop here.

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