Gov. Bindow Wants To Kill Me Says Adamawa Embattled Lawmaker

By Tom Garba, Yola

The Adamawa State House of Assembly Law Maker, Hon. Abdulrahaman Isa, cried and lamented how the Governor of the state wants to assassinate his life without any cause.

According to him the Governor has been making him too uncomfortable with constant messages of threads, a reasoning of him being in a run for the past four months.

"The Governor wants to kill me just because I want to tell the Masses the truth on many things going wrong with the present Government.

"I always received dead threads on not to dare coming back to Yola, I wants to say that my life is at stack and in danger but this threads will never stop me from telling the truth to the people of Nigeria".Abdul Said

But he also call on the Governor to sheath their sword against him, as it has shown to take the fight directly with him by even denying him his legal constituency privileges which other constituency are have benefited.

"The recent distributions of tricycles done by the government through the gesture of President Muhammadu Buhari was clearly shown that is fighting me and my people,hence they denied my constituency people the privilege of benefiting the gesture. Why? Even if they say I'm suspended I don't thing my constituency is suspected."

"All the state's constituencies they have been allocated with constituency projects except my own constituency, this thing is getting out of hands,it seems the governor is doing my work as a Member representing Mubi South." He added

Contacting the senior Adviser to the Governor on Media on the issue, Marthins Dickson refuted that the lawmaker is just chasing shadows , fighting the Governor for no reasoning and an ungrateful follow who enjoys the Governor's support since when is a Senator in the National Assembly whom made him his legislative aides and he is going this extend wrongly accusing the governor for cheap popularity.

"Abdulrahaman should go and sort out his problem with his colleagues, I want to categorically tell you that Bindow is never part of his downfall, if he can be his aides in the National Assembly, bought a form for him to be member in the House of Assembly and had problem with his colleagues at the end of the day is shifting blames against the finger that feeds him" .Marthins Said

Mathins considered Abdulraham not to have a Single respect for the his parents, after much consultations made by the Governor to advise him to focus on his job but call his father a useless Man that does not know what is politics.

"Young man is just trying to make a mountain out of something, I don't my Governor want and will ever interfere with the issue of the state Assembly or even have interest on what is going between them.

"Bindow is for social change, trying to make sure everybody in the Adamawa state is feeling the impact of the administration, go round the state capital no any state in this country is doing what is doing in terms of roads construction, go and still found out he paid civil servants promptly than almost every Governor in the state. You see what is facing is big than who is Abdulraham, in fact is very inconsequential to to attracts the attention of the Governor with his purported noise which is all lies" . He dded

Recall that Isa was suspended because of passing information to the general public without consulting the proper Chanel and abusing the lawmakers of being callous to the pleads of the people brought them into power.