Marthins Babale Nasir: A Perfect Match Mate To Support Bindow For Social Change (BSC)

By Tom Garba, Yola

I have been into a land that has the trees which flows milk and Honey '. In the land I found only a Man that tenders it. I have seen a Land that personify beauties and handsomeness, but in that great land only a Man I discovered is handsome, they have taken me to a country home that is full of great Men that the world is reckoned their great ingenuity but regrettably I found just one person that is full of potential to change the land.

My country people, I'm writing this piece not to be unmindful of the single fact that it takes a Man to make a Man, meaning every 's destiny is connected to just a Man to take him or her there. As it is commonly known "Men are Men ladders to their destinies"-Meaning you step on Men to get to wherever you want to go base in the direction of a divine hand.

Martins Babale Nasir stepped on many ladders to assumed the Deputy Governor of Adamawa state, he is now one of the revolving revolver, co -partnering with Governor Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow of Adamawa state to beautify the Land of beauty. A match that was paired to deliver the best for the state.

"Can two walk together? They must first be agreed " Babale agreed, succumbed to be Joshua at the same time the Caleb that will never allow the hands of Moses (Bindwo ) to get down in the war front unless they destroy the enemies of Adamawa state, which are stagnation, backwardness, underdevelopment, economy retardation, disunity amongst many others.

The gentleman Deputy Governor is never seen, hear to be in disagreement with His principal Man (Bindow ) ,he only believe in the servant-Master relationship. An attribute of a good leader that will never allow his Boss to fail.

I have seen a Deputy Governor that want a total rejuvenation in every aspect of the state, he consciously and constantly became a messenger of good will to the people of the starting through his social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, watapps and instagram ).

As progressive and transformation Adamawa state is looking, with virtually every corner of the state capital is witnessing a rapid roads construction with the agenda of "Bindow for social change ( BSC) " gearing toward reconstruction /rehabilitation of distance Toungo in the southern part of the state to remote Kirchinga in the Northern part of the state within some few months to come.

Suffice it to say that the progressive partners (Bindow /Martins ) are now shock-absorbers as they turned up to be giants trees with many sweets fruits, attracting all forms of stones for their fruits to be plugged.

I'm calling on this great Men to imbibe and borrow the words of the world's renowned prolific motivational speaker, Myles Manroe who said

"When People throw you stones it's because you are a good tree full fruits. They see a lot of harvest in you. Don't go down to their level by throwing them back the stones, but throw them your FRUITS so the seeds of yourself may inspire them to change their ways. "

Indeed I have seen this tree in Engr. Martins Babale Nasir ,the Deputy Governor of Adamawa state. Right on Gentleman Babale, safe the land with your kind of fruits, be a Man that history will for ever be refer to.

Tom Garba Writes from Yola
[email protected]