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Not being able to conceive a child naturally is a problem for couples, if either of the partners is infertile. IVF is a boon for millions of such couples. In-Vito-Fertility is popularly known as IVF.

IVF is a treatment of assisted reproduction serving couples who have problems in conceiving a child without intervention. In this procedure, the female partner is given some special medication to stimulate the ovaries which lead to the production of more eggs. These eggs are surgically harvested after they ripen. Sperms are then taken from the male partner, which are combined with the eggs in the lab. The embryos grow in the laboratory for a period of three to five days. The most viable embryos are then implanted into the woman's uterus which is followed by a pregnancy test conducted after a week or so. Pregnancy can sometimes occur in the first cycle itself. More than one cycle may be needed in some cases for IVF to result in a pregnancy.

Following are some advantages of In-Vito-Fertility treatment:-

  • IVF really boosts the chances of pregnancy.
  • IVF treatment gives leverage of checking the eggs or the embryo for any genetic abnormalities.
  • Surrogate IVF treatment utilizes eggs from the benefactor and the woman's partner's sperm to create embryos in the lab.
  • Women with blocked fallopian tubes stand a good chance for pregnancy with IVF treatment.
  • A frail sperm that can't prepare the egg normally responds well to IVF.
  • Men who have a low sperm check stand a decent chance to gain it back with IVF treatment.
  • IVF treatment provides infertile couples with the option of choosing donor eggs.

India is apparently the best place in the world for any sort of fertility treatment. In India, a large number of fertility clinics are available which are equipped with latest advanced technology. India has a large pool of exceptionally qualified experts who offer quality infertility services at the very affordable price. Travcure is one such medical tourism company that offers a wide range of services and facilities. Customized packages of Travcure offersfood, accommodation and visits to exotic locations. Travcure is associated with the top most hospitals in India which are well rigged with latest technology and facilities.

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