Surviving Long Flights - Four Sure Tips!


Whether travelling for business or leisure, long flights tend to take a toll on travellers. We all know how boring and painful long flights can be. Jovago brings you some tips to beat the air-borne blues that may come with being in an airplane for so long. Bear in mind that not all excessively long flights have to be horrible.

There’s always a sufficient game plan to ensure you have a bearable long flight as opposed to a sickening one. Enjoy these few tips to ensure you get your boredom-proof plan to mentally and physically survive your next long flight.

Get seats with adequate leg room
The longer the flight is, the more important it will be to be quite comfortable through the journey. Try to score those amazing seats and your legs would definitely thank you for it. Also try to keep your hand luggage minimal you don’t get robbed of the leg space before you! Try to be as active as possible on the airplane. Easy stretches like leg lifts, knee circles and other variations could also be done in-flight to alleviate stress and possible deep-vein thrombosis.

Clear your backlog of pending movies
For travellers that get pretty bored quite easily, it is advised to use the long flight hours to catch up on episodes of favourite TV show or movies that you’re yet to see. Just remember to arm yourself with great noise-cancelling headphones to ensure zero distractions as you binge-watch.

Catch up on sleep time and keep your brain active
In-flight hours are quite convenient to catch up on lost sleep hours. Keep your neck pillow and light blanket close so you could be super-comfy as you take that very long nap. Taking sudoku and crossword puzzles with you on long flights are also a great way to kill time and stay mentally occupied.

If all else fails, make friends
It doesn’t hurt to engage with the people sitting next to you. It is always fun discovering the nationalities and personalities of the people that occupy the seats next to you. Be careful while at that though. So many predators lurk around.

What other tips do you have to survive long boring flights? How long was your longest flight?

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