Don't Destroy Uwvie With Your Ambition, PDP Chief Tells Stella

By Egbonimali Shadrack

EFFURUN - A Peoples Democratic Party, PDP chieftain in Uwvie local government council of Delta State, Mr. Temabo Ukuwrere yesterday told the council acting chairman of Uwvie, Mrs. Stella Otiotio Dabonor that Uwvie is bigger than any individual’s ambition.

The party chieftain warned Stella Dabonor against pushing her ambition to damage Uwvie.

He noted that patriotic leaders know when to draw a line between their ambitions and the collective interests of their people.

Ukwuerere said Stella had shown desperation, restlessness and excessive ambition in her quest to become our council chairman, without considering the interests of the people.

Ukwuerere said: “The Acting Chairman is full of deceits. I want Uvwie sons and daughters to know that the crisis in our area is a plot caused by her to sieze power through the back door.''

The PDP chieftain said it was appalling that Stella allegedly runs to Asaba politicians with council funds to advance her ambition.

''Stella Dabonor is inciting Uvwie sons against the other. She would call Asaba politicians and tell them all sort of lies against Baro.''

“It is a pity that those who are supposed to act as the custodians of our political institutions should be part of the problem because of the money they collect.''

“Stella's desperation is becoming too obvious and she has become so restless. She talks about people as if people do not know her in Uwvie before.

“Look at the way Stella became the acting chairman of our council– through violence, blackmail, slander and backbiting. If you remember vividly, Hon. Baro was removed from office by forces from Asaba. It was like a military coup. Stella came through back door.''

“As the days go by, she becomes more desperate, saying and doing all kinds of things in order to remain as the council boss”.