5 Foolproof Ways To Ask A Girl Out In Lagos

By Jovago Nigeria

Hi, i saw you walking down the street and I had to let you know that i like what i see. I will love to get to know you better. Would you like to grab a bite with me sometime?

It is no surprise that a large number of guys around world have asked girls out with lines very similar to the one in the quote above…and have succeeded. The love dance between the male and the female is an eternal facet of human drama, and over the years, humans have come up with various tricks and techniques to scale through the process.

Most people believe that asking a girl out is as simple and easy, as all the man needs to do is ask. However those in Lagos, Nigeria , will beg to differ. While writing a message on a balloon and tying it on the doorknob of her house, or buying her heart shaped cookies with a sweet message inside, are cute ways to get a girl to go on a date, they do not necessarily work for girls in Lagos.

The men who are permanent residents Lagos already know this, some of the visitors in the city, have no clue. Matter of fact, a lot of them have been bitten a number of times.

Are you currently visiting the city and thinking of how to ask a Lagos girl out? Jovago.com, Africa’s largest hotel booking portal has 5 ways to get her to say “YES!”


Call Her via a Radio Show
As much as Lagos girls are unique in their ways, they are not very different from other girls across the world. They are romantic and they cherish attention – the kind that takes effort from the man.

A call from the radio station asking her to go on date with you will be an overwhelming experience for her emotionally and there is every chance she will say ‘yes’. This works if you already got her number either from her or from a mutual friend, and she knows who you are or at least has an idea. Most radio stations in Lagos air programs that give such opportunities. Seize one of those and land yourself the girl.

Pay her a compliment
Lagos girls like compliments!
Go tell her you like the way she is dressed and if you are witty, further ask her something like: “Will you dress up like this tomorrow to come out with me for a movie?”. No Lagos girl will be able to resist that, unless of course they are already married or hooked.

Make sure the compliments you pay her are not far-fetched or outlandish. You also need to make your compliments sincere and unique.


Follow Her on Social Media
For some reason, a lot of single girls are huge on the social media scene and they are particular about how many followers they have, how many likes they get and the kind of comments they receive as well.

The moment you are certain you want to ask her out, seek her out either on Facebook , SnapChat or Instagram and like a lot of her picture. Also leave sweet comments and send a direct message asking for her BBM contact or phone number. The minute she sends that across to you (she will), give her a call and ask her out.

Pay for her purchase
This is obviously not the conventional way of asking girls out, but it tends to work here in Lagos.

Corner the girl at a shopping mall or store and wait till you can get behind her on the line. Exchange small talk with her and the moment it is her turn to pay, halt the cashier and pay for her purchase. Afterwards, rush after her and ask her out on a lunch date or movie date. This works all the time.

Paying for her purchase creates the impression that you, the guy, are caring and manly.

Couple counting money --- Image by © Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Blend Image/Blend Images/Corbis

Ask her in front of her friends
Lagos girls, like girls in other parts of the world, love to feel attractive and they also like to show off in front of their friends.

Walk up to her while she is with her friends and ask her out right there. This shows her you that you have eyes only for her and that you really like her. Also, she will be so flattered and feel so good that all of her friends saw you ask her out.

Generally, girls love to epic romantic moments in front of their female friends or other girls . It not only makes them feel really special, it also gives them bragging rights.