Biafrans Have Right To Secede From Nigeria—Secession Is A Fundamental Human Right

No individual or group, entity or organization, including oppressive and destructive governments and people hate freedom. Yet many who love freedom can and have denied freedom to others who seek it knowing its importance as a fundamental right that is inalienable. Without any doubt therefore, no one, government or institution, organization or group should or can fault the free spirit that brings freedom. Free spirit and freedom are natural gifts as with fundamental right.

Therefore, despite attempts no one can fault the free spirit of Biafra/Igbos to be free particularly in the situation they believe the Nigerian government is oppressing or victimizing and has failed them. The Igbos or Biafrans have the natural and inalienable right to design and put to effect, manage and control their economic and political affairs through self-determination.

They've the right and free will to imagination and innovation; creativity and hard work for a sustainable system. Neither Igbos/Biafrans nor any other group have the onus to proving systematic marginalization, oppression or genocide, or their attempts to become self-determined. It's natural and fundamental right to be self-determined as a people or ethnic and loose nation with different peoples.

If Igbos/Biafrans aren't satisfy with their present conditions in Nigeria: five states obtained as one of the so-called three major ethnic groups (Hausa-Fulani, Yoruba and Igbo), which took over the artificial country from colonial and rogue Britain thus have benefited as part of the oppressive machine against other ethnic groups. They have the prerogative to be self-determined outside the country as an independent nation.

The lessons of history, however, shows Biafra can succeed if its operators understand history, apply what's learned and not jettison it. Igbos/Biafrans must not be compelled to be part of Nigeria or any other nation they don't want to be part. Freedom and self-determination or independence aren't natural rights alone, but also contemporary and modern civilization that are conventional by international standard.

If Igbos/Biafrans shun all that is diabolical toward imposing Biafra on groups that are unwilling and desist from eyeing the lands of these groups or indigenous peoples, especially those in South-East or South-South, they can and will succeed. Biafrans have the option to invite, discuss and negotiate with other ethnic groups or people around them who aren't Igbos; respect their distinctiveness and indigeneity, and whatever agreement that could be reached, if some of these people decide to be part of Biafra. Imposition of Biafra on others will be counterproductive as it defeats the spirit, concept and morality behind self-determination.

Before Igbos or Biafrans proceed, and if serious to become victorious they must be honest to answer the question that is as important as the life of Biafra: who are Biafrans? The honest answer is, Biafrans are Igbos and Igbos alone. Except their exist other groups who may choose to voluntarily become part of the expression and identity no other ethnic group other than Igbos are Biafrans. It's wrong and will be a recipe for conflict and Biafra's possible failure if Igbos impose Biafra on non-Igbos. The mentality before and during the Nigerian-Biafran Civil War of 1967 to 1970 must not be repeated if Biafra will succeed.

If Biafrans/Igbos stick to their territory (Igbo land) which trace their culture and tradition, including language different from those of other ethnic groups, their struggle for freedom will succeed because self-determination is a fundamental right they can't and must not be denied. If ROGUE BRITAIN can illegally concoct and falsify the Nigerian contraption to the acceptance of some there is no reason Biafra can't regain its natural right to self-determination and precolonial independence.

Given human greed and wickedness, desire to control others, Nigeria as is will not permit external self-determination or independence to any group because those unjustly holding the country at gunpoint are eating from where they didn't sow. They've learned from the colonial masters so benefiting and killing the inhabitants of the lands gushing the black-gold being illegally exploited in conspiracy with the British Crown or government and corporations alongside other oil sucking western companies and governments such as America's. Biafra/Igbos must be wise and well prepared to re-proclaim and sustain their precolonial self-determination and sovereignty.

In addition Biafrans/Igbos have to unite and make their case to their own people through mass education so that they will understand and not grant conflicting reasoning and thought. Because Igbos benefiting from current system will fight to protect the status quo, the masses must be enlightened, mobilized and organized to understand the cause and why. This way if Nigeria think right and respect Biafrans' right to self-determination, then conduct a referendum to decide whether Igbos want to secede the needed vote can be secured and Federal government's infiltration of Igbo ranks and masses-influence and inducement will be defeated.

The need for Biafra's self-determination should also be shared with other Nigerians and the world so they can get necessary encouragement and support. The sole actors that will cause this success shall be Igbos. Implying it's the duty of Igbos to make Biafra a reality and not that of the Nigerian government or international community that is mostly structured and controlled by European and white Americans.

Those seeking freedom and self-determination must aggressively demand it peacefully and nonviolently then take it by any and all means necessary where subtle means including request for referendum fails. History holds that power doesn't voluntarily relinquish itself unless radically and forcefully demanded and taken. Many nations today are proof to this concept. Of course, Americans took their destiny into their hands to become independent/self-determined from colonial and oppressive Britain. Unfounded Fear and stomach for appeasement aren't buffers of self-determination or success.

By now I believe Igbos/Biafrans may have learned from history hence planning the present with a view and vigor, determination and honesty to causing a happy, prosperous, just and peaceful future. It isn't an offense or crime to fight by any means necessary and available; that which is realistic and achievable, when oppressed and your fundamental rights denied. The West including United Kingdom and America which advocate nonviolence don't practice same when determined to get something, build their empire or protect their interests.

They didn't practice it during slavery, colonization; not in post-slavery America when dealing with blacks, and today's exploitation for global socioeconomic and political hegemony. In short, they introduced and using the most vicious, violent and destructive tactics (that is visible in Africa), which have spread across the world today. Freedom seeker seek freedom until achieved. They don't allow others define them to suit their interest and narratives, or permit the oppressors and abusers of human rights to teach them, the oppressed what human rights are. Once beaten twice shy, they say. Biafra wake up!

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