Adamawa State: Land Of Beauty, Land Of International Politicians-Digi Wadzani Gadzama Making The State Proud In UK

By Tom Garba, Yola

Adamawa State is known to have been endowed with enormous potentials, making the state to have special attributes and distinctive uniqueness in terms of arable land for Agriculture, blessed with many Tribes and dialects, it has rich and loaded historical heritage as is housing Sukur cultural heritage in Madagali Local Government.

Another special gift by this Wonder Land, is the sun shine ability of the sun to generate electricity if properly harness.

It is also on record, the state produced great politicians right from the first republic, wher people like Late Mahmud Ribadu where in the fore front of Nigerian politics with the likes of Sir Ahmadu Bello (Sardauna),Tafawa Balewa, the Zig of Africa and he held the post of defence minister with remarkable achievements.

In the second,third and even forth republic the beautiful land of Adamawa kept on producing giants men with great strides in the affairs of this country in politics. The Likes of Mamuda Waziri, Bamanga Tukur, Prof Jibril Aminu and Atiku Abubakar surfaces breaking the horn of power that some believe is only the western Northerners that can be able to produce good leaders in the country.

I can go on to still say that; the inter switching between Democracy and Military intervention into the country's system of governance, the state was not lagged behind in producing agile and combatant Military officers in both the various forces we have. Prominent among them are: Real Admiral Murtala Hamman Yaro Nyako, Air vice Marshal Ibrahim Alfa, General Gibson Jalo, Gen. Hindu Hananiah, Air vice Marshal Alex Subundu Badeh and Gen M N Kwabe.The list can still be counting with a fact that Southern zone were having a good number of soldiers that fought the civil war.

In the Academics Field research revealed that in the entire North with the exception of Kogi and Benue there's no state that has high number of Academics like Adamawa state, virtually all the university both home and abroad are having an Adamawa Man as a Professor.

What else, even in the field of Aeronautical engineering at one point the state had the best flying pilots, the best cyclist to cycled up to five country in two years and half. Recent a man popularly known as Duduwalle trekked from Yola to Abuja for Buhari inauguration swearing ceremony and he is also set to trek to UK and USA for the world peace.

Haven the state produced these great Men of myriads achievements, a born Adamawa Man from Madagali, Digi Wadzama Gadzama is making the state proud in the United kingdom (UK).

Gadzama is making giants strides in Merton City, where his political prowess had made him a city councillor at one of the renown town in the united states.

Digi who lives in London for few decades soon his intelligence had showcases him to the world and soon the Queen discovered a Nigerian that can contribute to the development of the United Kingdom.

The Nigerian UK citizen is playing an international politics haven greatly contributed to the emergency of President Mohammadu Buhari who he described as a liberator of the people of Nigeria.

The Adamawa Born London settler has received many prestigious Awards in UK and a Nation Award of MON was given to him and later retrieved by Goodluck Jonathan because of his strong allegiance to Mohammadu Buhari.

For Gadzama coming home to help in salvaging the big mess our past leaders have pushed Nigerians to is his great desires.

Tom Garba from Yola Adamawa state
Email: [email protected] Com
Phone: 08030525759