Miss Black Africa Is Now Miss Africa GB (Great Britain)

By Miss Africa GB Pageant

This is to notify all our current and prospective Queens, stakeholders, press, cherished sponsors and aspiring contestants that the name Miss Black Africa UK has been changed and is henceforth known and operates as MISS AFRICA GREAT BRITAIN!!

The need to change has arisen due to expansion of sphere and purpose and also to satisfy our teeming followers and members of the public, some of who often misconstrue the inclusion of the word ‘Black’ in our previous name.

We wish to inform you all that the previous name ‘Miss Black Africa’ served to express the South Saharan Region of Africa which the pageant previously covered. However due to our success over the past four years and the quest to expand our continuous empowerment of young women from African descent living in and outside of Africa, the organization has now altered it’s name and identity to fall in line with our current purpose, aims and objectives.

Thus Miss Black Africa UK shall henceforth be known, called and identified as MISS AFRICA, GREAT BRITAIN. The change will widen the scope of the contest and be able to also extend our humanitarian services to all parts of Africa and Great Britain instead of the South Saharan region only.

All former documents, intellectual property rights and notices, engagements, contracts shall remain valid in so far as the name change affects such.

We thank you very much for your opinions and subsequent understanding. We thank all our current and prospective sponsors and are glad to announce that our scope is wider and so will the benefits to be accrued for being a part of this project.

A special thank you to our main sponsor Ethiopian Airlines . They operate flights to almost every African destination at extremely affordable prices.

Dele Onabowu
Miss Africa GB Pageant Ltd
Registration No: 09933056