Biafra Youth Reiterates Need For Congress

By Biafra Nations Youth League

Ikom-The Biafra Nations Youth League (BNYL) has revealed plans by its planning Committee to organize a Biafra Youth Congress otherwise known as BNYL Congress in the ancient town of Ikom, Cross River State, this was made known in a statement issued by the BNYL Deputy Leader Comrade Eyam Esung.

Comrade Esung stated that the reasons for the Congress is to foster strengthen unity of the various ethnic groups of Biafran origin.

His statement reads
"We in BNYL are more in position to address issues that affects the various ethnic groups of Biafran origin, this is because Biafra ethnic nations are well represented".

"We have come to understand that most Biafran youth do not know their Biafran identity due to lack of history, we are passing blames on our elders for failing to tell our youth the truth".

Comrade Eyam Esung further revealed issues that will be subsumed in the Congress among which are :

Division of old Eastern region of Nigeria,
Ceding of Bakassi Peninsula to Cameroon and the nemesis,

Tribal war in the Niger Delta and Old Calabar region, etc

"We shall carefully study factors that led to the collapse of Biafra in 1970 especially ethnic equality and fear of domination in Biafra as one of the reasons that contributed to the fall of Ojukwu led-Biafra Republic"

"We have resolved to correct the past mistakes of our elders, so that history will not repeat itself".

The BNYL Congress will hold on 27th February 2016 in Ikom, Cross River State.

Aghaulor Godspower
Public Relations Officer