Welcome To 2016: Nigeria's Year Of Consolidation

By Rotimi Olawale

I want to extend my warmest wishes to Nigerians for a safe, joyous and prosperous New Year.

The year 2015 was a decision making year for Nigeria, The year when Nigerians decided to take their destinies into their hands and make the change in order to embark on salient reforms for the progress of the nation.

We have come this far with the strong and lasting bond built on a foundation of unity, dogged determination and unflinching optimism.

I am particularly proud of the renewed partnership between the people and government to build a healthy, prosperous, and democratic future for all in this dispensation. It is therefore imperative that we consolidate this partnership in social order, infrastructural development, security, economic growth amongst others.

As a legislator at the House of Representatives and Chairman of the House Committee on Justice, My New Year's Resolution shall be to intensify my dedication to effective constituency representation with a bias for poverty alleviation, sponsoring masses oriented bills and motions and reforming Nigeria's Justice system.

I wish all Nigerians all the best in all their endeavours in 2016

Happy New Year
Rt Hon Razak Atunwa
Asa/Ilorin West Federal Constituency
National Assembly
Olawale Rotimi
B.A, M.A Ilorin, DELF Paris.
T: @RotimiLawale
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