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Why I Dropped Betty For Carolina (Part 2)


Sis, after due deliberation and consideration,i have an inclination,to make you a relation,so if you will follow me with an acceleration to the station,with the preacher's cooperation, we will form a striking combination that will increase the world's population, please don't put me in frustration,yours in desperation.

Mehn! that was a safe landing,she looked at me in a weird way.

A little silence broke in,still looking at me,she broke it,to which she reply,listen dear,if you will propose to me the next time,please do it in english,she stood up and catwalked away,my two legs were shaking like that of a christmas goat about to be slaughtered,my body was generating the kind of heat that was enough to power a community,sweating profusely,i never could have predicted this response,i stood there for couple of some minutes,thinking about the great baptism of disgrace i received, but am I speaking confucianism or chinese?

Or maybe my vocal chord has automatically changed the language dialect of my mouth,i thought within myself,i hope what happen at the tower of babel has not come to repeat itself again where God automatically changed the language of the hebrews to yoruba and some to spanish, totally confused, the last time I checked,it was english i spoke,i bolted out of the place to get a tape recorder to hear that same speech again.

Did i hear someone just say but man!you have betty in your life,aren't you contented with her,guys and their scopes sha,but wait,don't judge me yet,let me tell you who betty is.

Betty was the type of lady that even a catholic father would take a second gaze at,her fair captivating beauty cannot stop riding in my mind like a bicycle,i guess that was what still kept her in my mind till now,despite the constant prayers and fasting that my parent and siblings offers for me to receive my sight back from the love imprisonment of betty,betty was a girl that offers community service,her openings was a means to her end,she has a good sex delivery,a democrat giver,giving it to the people,for the people and as demanded by the people,i wonder why those openings has not received a divine padlock till now,she offers an hungryman size sex in short,she was giving out as if she was giving out to charity,her sexual reflex was so high,if i was to be your only brother i guess you will be elated by now that at last i could feel love for someone else.

I received a message alert from carol to meet her at a resort eatery,the sight i saw amazed me,guess who i found with her..

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