Nkem Owoh threw away a house in London

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Nkem Owoh no doubt has an impressive audience followership both in Nigeria and overseas. when he arrived at the London Hilton Metropole, October 30 for his Afro Hollywood 2004 award for “Outstanding contributions to African Film, Art and culture” the monarch suite of the hotel practically went haywire, espesially with women whose appreciation was frenzied. Well, it turned out that not only women liked Owoh. One of his ardent fans was Mr Stanley Anyawun, chief executive officer of First Start Limited at Surrey, United Kingdom, a real estate concern, who presented the actor with a £15,000 sterling voucher which qualified Owoh to make a deposit for a house in London.
The mortgage arrangement would have meant that Owoh would pay installments after the deposit, until he has fully paid up the cost of any house he chose to buy. The presentation drew excited applause and more admiration for Owoh.

In a chat with Nollywood at the post event press conference, he gave hints that he might not take up the mortgage.
Are you taking up the mortgage?
I don't know yet

Why not?
Well, Mike [Abiola] and I are just going to a meeting with the sponsors now Until I know what they actually offering, I can't give you an answer

So you will tell me when you return?
Of course, you know, these things can have small prints, i have to know what it entails, first . but most people around guessed that Owoh would opt for a cash option We learned that it amounted to only £2,000 , it wasn't much surprise when the delegation returned from the meeting with First Start executives with the news that he took the cash option. The only surprise was that he didn't even get up to £2,000, he got only £1000, that infuriated people who knew what the mortgage facility Owoh was offered really meant. property owners in London said he made a foolish choice, that he should have taken up the mortgage because he could have found tenants that would have made the property pay for itself.

Certainly Mr Anyanwu must have been disappointed himself for he was repoted to have said he only gave Owoh the £1000 as a waiver because the voucher offer didn't have a cash option at all.Owas either expected to take up the mortgage or lose it.

Anyawun's disappointment must have had another dimension; he was a fan of Owoh, a passionate one indeed his family was because he was quoted to have said “Owoh kept his family happy'' all the time through Osuofia in London.