Mary Lazarus Desperate To Have Twins

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Nollywood actress, Mary Lazarus, has asked God to give her a set or two sets of twin children.

The make-belief star made this known on Monday when recalling her childhood days with her brother.

Mary narrated how she and her brother used to play around over games, food and others.

The actress said after having her prayer answered, she hopes to call it quit to child-bearing.

“I used to wake up the entire neighbourhood with my cry every morning when I was little or when my parents carry my twin brother and not me. I pray my kids don't do me same.

“Around my twin brother, I just can't act normal. As kids I remember when we used to bath together, wear same colour of cloth, eat from same plate (we fight over big/small meat), play hide and seek, police & robber, football etc.....Gosh!!! I miss my childhood days. God from my mouth to Your ears, please bless me with a set of twins or 2 set of twins, so I lock up. In Jesus name, Amen,” Mary said.