Isn't She Lovely?

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She sure is! It is not unlikely that these were the same pictures Stevie Wonder had in his mind's eye when he sang that track. But take a closer look, she is one of our own. Our dear Omotola!

Screen goddess Omotola Jolade-Ekeinde is not the type of lady that would pass by without everybody - monk, infidel born-again and born-against alike – turning their heads to catch a second look (and then a third look, a gaze, a stare, and then hypnosis). It is the same reason producers and directors are falling over her. And it will remain so until beauty and talent go out of fashion.

How could God have been this partial to one woman. And then, you wonder: why don't people like this turn out for Miss Nigeria. Miss or Mrs., I don't see anybody beating these looks to the crown – unless, of course, the judges are blind.

Each time you see her, you begin to understand why a husband would rush her with four consecutive pregnancies – with little breathing space. Yes, because if she were some other men's wife, she'd have had seven kids by now.

And to confirm that it is not only Saturday Sun, where she is a columnist, that appreciates this beauty, we opened my mail this week to meet an e-mail titled 'Isn't She Lovely?' Another man had taken his time to compile a mini Omotola photo album and sent it to me.
We don't want to enjoy it all alone, so the decision to share it with you dear readers. It is a tribute to monstrous talent, photogenity and, of course, providence's handiwork