"With "Eji Owuro" my daily bread is guaranteed ---------Shola Allyson

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At her age, she has gone through a lot to last a lifetime. . Her parents divorced and she was sent to live with a woman who made her hawk pure water on the streets of Lagos. Each day was like going through hell but she rose from the experience and became a music star.

Shola Obaniyi-Allyson whose debut album, "Eji Owuro" is a hit would, however, be grateful to her foster mother for making her what she is today. "I grew up to find myself in music. When I was growing up I thought I was being deprived. I didn't live in a home because my parents are divorced.

I have experienced a lot of difficulties. I was sent to live with a woman for whom I sold pure water on the streets of Lagos. But I didn't know that God was preparing me for a greater role. Today, I sing in pure Yoruba language which I learnt from the woman I lived with.

" Just an album in the market and Allyson's life has changed dramatically. She lives in a tastefully furnished apartment and glides around in her own car: "With "Eji Owuro" my daily bread is guaranteed. The album has opened doors for me financially. I came from a lowly background but if not for the album, I wouldn't have done a lot of things. I now live comfortably. I have my own car. Though, I am not a millionaire I live comfortably." "Eji Owuro" was not originally planned to be an album. It was a movie soundtrack but the producer, Ola Ibironke asked Allyson to compose additional songs that made up the album.

"Nobody planned "Eji Owuro" to be an album. I just came around to earn my daily bread when Mr. Ibironke asked me to compose a soundtrack for the movie he was producing. I saw it as a challenge and did it to the best of my ability. I didn't know it would be made into a CD. Of all the works I have done like "No Comment", "Anikulapo", "JJC" and "Ipinle" I find "Ej Owuro" most challenging," she said. But if "Eji Owuro" has brought Allyson fame, it has also taken away her privacy. She can no longer walk in the streets without being mobbed by fans.

At The Polytechnic, Ibadan, Oyo State where she is studying music she cannot eat in the cafeteria like other students. To cap it all, Allyson is daily bombarded with marriage proposals from her male admirers.. "Eji Owuro" has taken away my privacy. I can no longer walk freely on the street. I can no longer eat in the school cafeteria like other students. Everywhere I go people always mob me. Everybody wants to become my friend. Ironically, I am a very private person, I don't like making friends. Those who didn't know that I am married with a child want to marry me. Guys are always pestering me for marriage but I have a way of turning down their proposals without hurting them," Allyson disclosed According to Allyson, her unique selling point is the quality of her voice and ability to compose good songs: " I am a soprano.

The quality of my voice is my strength. I may sing like others but if you listen to my voice, quality of tone, timbre and characteristics you will know I am different from others." The musician who served her tutelage in Kayode Olajide's Weavers Band said she sings African contemporary music but then "my mind tells me "Eji Owuro" is gospel music. If gospel music is all about good news "Eji Owuro" too is about good news. If I tell my lover to stay and be sincere with me, I think that is good news and it is gospel."