Gbenga Adewusi was beaten at Alaba International market, Lagos

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Bayowa Films/Records boss, Gbenga Adewusi, who was recently beaten to a pulp by dare devil pirates at Alaba International market, Lagos has narrated his ordeal to Blockbuster.

The incident, which left Adewusi and his manager, Afolabi bruised and bloodied, started when posing as customers they had approached Sabitex and CNJ Music to buy some CDs and VCDs.

Adewusi narrated thus: “In company of some police officers, I and my manager had posed as customers wanting to buy some CDs and VCDs from CNJ Music and Sabitex. But after getting hold of some pirated CDs, they quickly closed up on me with a view to pacifying me so that I won't raise dust.

“But unfortunately, the move did not pay off. Sabitex later raised and alarm which attracted the attention of fellow traders.

“It was at this point that the traders resorted to using bottles and other weapons on us. They beat the day light out of us. They torn our clothes and blood was gushing out from our bodies.
“In the ensuring confusion, I lost my radio, wrist watch, hand chain, gold pendant and necklace all worth about N350.000. Though, the experience was bitter, it can never deter me from waging war against pirates. I will continue to fight pirates with all the blood in my veins