“His Excellency, Governor Abubakar Sani Bello Is A Focused And Youth Oriented Governor Willing To Partner With The Youths For A Prosperous Niger”

Text Of Address By The Media Aide To The Niger State Commissioner For Health And Health Services, Delivered At The Mellenium Africa Global Initiative Event Held At The Abdulsalam Youth Centre, Minna On 19th December, 2015.
By Fodio Ahmed

Good evening Ladies and gentlemen,
Please permit me to stand on the already established protocol.

I feel highly humbled as I bring to you the good wishes of the Niger State Honourable Commissioner for Health and Health Services, Dr. Mustapha Jibril. I wish to apologise for my boss’s inability to be here tonight and were it not for other equally pressing matters of great importance, he would have been here himself. But I want to assure us all that he is most definitely with us here in spirit tonight and is proud to be associated with a progressive initiative such as the one been spearheaded by the Millennium Africa Global Initiative. Please, consider me as an ordinary messenger in this circumstance, sent here to only deliver a message of goodwill to you.

The honourable commissioner wishes for me to tell you that, culture is a key component of every society’s life, that culture is the fulcrum of the entire human philosophy and it is upon it that our identity as a people derives its unique authenticity. We are a people because we have cultures and values and without culture, we are a people without identity. This therefore, underscores the pivotal place of culture in political and social life.

That entertainment is a huge revenue booster is no longer news. The reality of the gains accrued from the entertainment sector by several countries of the world is a signifier to the already established truth that, it is an important sector of the economy. That he is also aware that, the entertainment sector is one of the largest sources of revenue generation, if properly developed and maximised for the benefits of the society. He is also aware of its potential to engage a large percentage of our youths who are blessed with several talents in; creative writing, film, music, fashion, dance, arts/crafts making etcetera.

The Honourable Commissioner wishes that, I inform you of His Excellency, Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello’s unflinching resolve to support the youths and encourage their productivity for quality development. That Governor Abubakar Sani Bello is a focused and youth oriented governor, willing to partner with youths organisation for a prosperous Niger State, That the youths form the backbone of any society’s survival and sustenance, that every nation’s dream of a future is because of its youths without whom there will be no future to aspire for. He therefore, wishes to encourage the youths to discover their God given potentials and strive towards its maximisation for the benefit of themselves and the society at large.

The Honourable Commissioner also recognises that only a functional youth can contribute meaningfully to the development of the society hence his wish to call on Niger youths to abstain from drug abuse and illicit behaviour that would destroy their lives and the society’s at large. He is equally keen on the youths been aware of their health status at all times as he believes that been healthy translate to been wealthy.

Finally, the Honourable Commissioner, Dr Mustapha Jibril wishes for me to thank Mr. MARCHAL OKORO, the Executive Director of Millennium Africa Global Initiative, for all it has been doing to contribute to the empowerment of the youths of Niger State and the Nation in general.

The Honourable Commissioner has asked me to inform you that, he is open to future collaborations with Millennium Africa Global Initiative and indeed any other youth organization that is purpose driven and willing to contribute meaningfully to the development of Niger State of the aspiration of his Excellency, Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello. He also said that I should tell you all tonight, that he is very honoured and grateful that you find hind worthy of your recognition. He wishes Millennium Africa Global Initiative luck with all its endeavours and pledges his support.

Thank you very much for your patience and for listening.

Good evening once again, ladies and gentlemen.